How To Avoid Cases Of Sexual Harassment In Your Company

Accomplishing whatever you could to stop sexual harassment and molestation can prove to be highly beneficial for your business as it provides protection to workers and your company. The Australian Laws simply make it completely illegal to harass or molest a job candidate or worker because of their gender.Harassment

Generally, workplace sexual harassment or molestation incorporates unwanted touching or sexual comments, demands for sexual favours, or any other verbal or physical harassment that has sexual overtones. Remember, if your company tolerates molestation, it’s in danger of penalties and lawsuits.

You need to ensure that your department of Human Resources works efficiently to report and mange any case of sexual harassment in your company.

Here are some steps that you must take in order to avoid cases of sexual harassment and molestation in your company.

1. Create A Strong Anti-Harassment Policy In Your Office

Every business owner must have a strict anti-harassment policy in their company. Once you have it, incorporate info concerning discrimination, sexual harassment and molestation. You can even incorporate a policy that deals with consensual and intimate relationships between your employees. Several policies embody specifications concerning what’s prohibited, intimation, propositions, innuendoes, lewd remarks, bullying others and showing any obscene graphic materials.

2. Provide Training To Employees

In order to educate employees, you can set up a temporary training program at your office. This program will tell them what type of behaviour is and isn’t acceptable in your office, and what workers do in various types of situations. Train the human resources manager and supervisor in your company so that they can recognise and eliminate cases molestation, and how to defend workers from it. Offer info what workers should if they’re facing or witness molestation.

3. Don’t Forget To Stop Same-Sex Harassment

In the past, same-sex harassment used to go simply unmarked, but nowadays there has been a rise in same-sex harassment complaints. Additionally, it’s vital to keep in mind that male and females could also be the culprit or the victim. Be clear that all types of molestation are unacceptable at your organisation.

4. Suit Your Actions To Your Words

Taking action on cases of molestation could involve a cultural change at your organisation. However, you ought to make it very clear to workers that molestation will not be accepted at all. Improper actions have a risk not only on themselves but also to the reputation of the company. Ensure that the workers who have been harassed feel safe to report their case to the right authority in your company.

5. Be Aware Of The Risks Involved

Majority of molestation cases are usually settled out of court, however those that head to trial may prove to be quite expensive. Settlements typically reach high figures, even before legal expenses are paid. So, don’t neglect the importance of having a strong anti-harassment policy at your office.

How To Avoid Cases Of Sexual Harassment In Your Company

The Art Of Attracting Talented Job Candidates

Small businesses have a nasty record once it involves their ability to draw in and maintain top-notch staff and workers. Typical knowledge recommends that the best employees can follow the cash path to the entrance of the massive companies, and thus leaving small businesses to accept whoever is left behind. However, this can be avoided with the help of best HR solutions.

If money were the sole issue, then the standard knowledge would not be far away as small businesses merely can’t compete with the worker buying power of their bigger competitors. Although, the good news is that monetary earnings isn’t the sole issue. There are many other non financial factors you can use to build your small business look extra engaging to potential staff and workers.

  • Offer Flexibility

Small businesses are sometimes rather more versatile with their staff than bigger companies. The massive firms are based on organization. They use systems to stay the business afloat, and therefore workers are left with very little space for flexibility on a personal level.

However, this situation can be changed in a small business which can offer flexibleness and relationship perspective with potential staff. In some situations you may be able to get success in hiring the first-rate workers who don’t want to work in rigid big organisations.

  • Show Responsibility

Small businesses additionally supply the benefit of having the ability to give staff with additional responsibility and additional vital roles within the company. This can be particularly engaging to career-oriented beginners and extra mobile staff who have an interest in obtaining expertise immediately.

However, if you’re about to play the ‘more responsibility’ option to bring higher quality staff and workers, then you should be aware with the drawback. It’s true that small businesses can give their staff larger responsibility and expertise, but some people might find it harder to reach the top in a small business for the reason that your business has less to offer compared to bigger companies.

  • Exhibit Values

Usually you would have noticed that huge firms have a reputation for being insensitive, sterile and valueless. On the other hand, smaller firms are considered as being the home ground for values like family and community. Besides that small businesses are nearly always ready to connect staff with the corporate success in real and sensible ways, particularly once the staff can see themselves as a part of that success story. With your prospective candidates discuss your company’s values. Also, let them know how they can play a major role in shaping the company’s future.

Final Thoughts: Small businesses have lots to offer to their employees. With better HR solutions, you can manage your relations with the employees in a much better manner.

The Art Of Attracting Talented Job Candidates

Why Cloud Computing Has Become Important For Small Businesses?

Unlike what many people think, cloud computing can prove quite beneficial even for small businesses. Cloud computing will mean massive changes for tiny businesses. Those changes have been witnessed by several of today’s small business owners, whether they’re from technical start-ups or urban and small-town shopping outlets. There’s no doubt that cloud has simply redefined the way small firms do business.

It’s The Right Time To Choose Cloud Computing For Payroll

Take a look at these 4 reasons why small business owners should migrate to the cloud, especially to cloud HR and cloud payroll.

  • Lower Prices

One of the foremost obvious advantages of moving everyday business to the cloud computing is that it will offer small businesses with vital savings. For beginners, cloud computing completely uses the hardware. It will increase the worth of physical server hardware, which clearly indicates that businesses will do a lot more with less investment.

Because of this, small businesses can see a reduction in rack area, power usage, IT necessities, etc. which means lower hardware, installation, support, upgrade and maintenance costs. For small businesses, such savings are really invaluable.

  • Excellent Collaboration

With cloud computing, collaboration is made really simple. The power to save and access varied info through the cloud allows workers to simply work from an equivalent master document. Cloud collaboration tools, like Google Drive, permit users to transfer, edit and investigate documents, which automatically results in higher work collaboration. In addition, business owners have the power to limit what workers can access.

Moreover, having the ability to access files through the cloud makes it simpler for small business owners to trace and manage individual advancement on tasks. This can work wonders for maintaining efficiency.

  • Escalated Flexibility

The best advantage of cloud computing is having the ability to access work related files and data from any device at any time in anyplace. The times have changed radically and now we live in a mobile world. Those days are way behind us when files used to stick on one server on one system.

As the offices start catering to a lot of remote employees and versatile operating arrangements, having the ability to access work materials, when not at the office, is really important for workers. Cloud computing not only makes it easier for workers to work outside of the workplace; it also makes it easier for small business owners to maintain their work, especially with cloud HR and cloud payroll at any time, from anyplace.

  • Bigger Integration

Using a cloud-based business solution generates loads of opportunities for integration. Cloud based small businesses have the choice of integrating with different cloud-based service providers.

Small businesses can get benefits from specialised services which integrate with back-office operations, such as HR, payroll and accounting. This offer small-business owner more time to specialise in more crucial areas of their business.


Why Cloud Computing Has Become Important For Small Businesses?

5 Tips To Make Better Relationships With Your Co-Workers

People often fail to recognise the fact that they spend a huge amount of time with their co-workers every day. Some workaholics don’t realise that they’re spending less time with their family and more time with their co-workers or in the office. It would be favourable for you, if you have a good relationship with your co-workers, but if you don’t, your time in office will become miserable.

5 Tips To Make Better Relationships With Your Co-Workers

If you haven’t made any friends in your office, then this is the right to do so. Good relationships with your colleagues can help you to perform better.

Here are some tips that will help you to understand how to get along better with your co-workers.

  • Start Your New Workplace Relationships With A Bang

Everyone is a bit nervous when they start a new job. Many people are worried about how they’ll make good relationships with their co-workers. If you didn’t have a good relationship with your colleagues in your previous job, then you’ll be worried about how things will turn out in the new office. Stop thinking too much on this issue and develop positivity within yourself to develop good relationships at your new office.

  • Show Respect To Your Co-Workers

It’s quite obvious that respect towards each other is one of the most important pillars for any relationship to succeed. An excellent way to show respect is to avoid saying or doing things which might affect others. Don’t do anything which your colleagues might find offensive, like taking them for granted, asking for unreasonable favours and undermining their abilities.

  • Try To Have A Good Relationship Even The Most Difficult People

Making new relationships with your friends is just like making new friends, but in a more professional way. You cannot choose who your co-worker can be and how they behave. You’ll surely find some of them quite annoying and absolutely poles apart from what you’re. However, instead of simply avoiding them, you can develop a healthy, professional relationship with them and find a way to get along with them.

  • Never Gossip Or Spread Malicious Rumours

One of the worst places for gossip is your workplace. Spreading malicious rumours about your colleagues can get them in real trouble, and remember “what goes around comes back around”. Avoid unnecessary chatting or gossiping and never share juicy bits of news about your co-workers. This will damage your image as a reliable and trustworthy person, and your colleagues will think twice before sharing anything with you.

  • Follow The Best Office Etiquette

A workplace is one the major places where you need to show your best manners. Whenever you are around your co-workers, show the best etiquettes. Try not to create disturbances for them and don’t ask for unrealistic favours. Don’t forget to use ‘Please’ & ‘Thank You’ in your conversation with your colleagues.

These tips will help you to make good relationships with the co-workers in your HR BPO office. These tips will also prove beneficial for you to handle your relationships with the HR Outsourcing service providers.

5 Tips To Make Better Relationships With Your Co-Workers

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

A famous writer once said that the world is a filled with cruel people. It’s true that many people often face bullies at some point in their life. There’s no shortage of bullies in offices also. These bullies will gossip and spread rumours about you, embarrass you, or intimidate you. Report it to the human resources department, if someone is bullying you in your company.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

Apart from reporting non-violent office bullying, you can do these things:


  • Take Advice Of A Trusted Senior


There must be someone senior in your office with whom you feel comfortable to talk. There’s also a chance that the senior might have faced a similar situation in his or her early days in the office. He or she can give you insights on how to tackle the problem in a better way or what type of response would be ideal for your problem. If the senior suggest reporting to the human resources department, then do that immediately.


  • Try Not To Involve Too Many Co-Workers


It’s not true that every co-worker will understand your problems. When they see what’s going around then they will form their own opinions about the whole issue. Many co-workers will listen to you and even offer assistance, but others won’t acknowledge your problem.


In many cases, it’s not that your co-workers (who opt to stay away) are bad, but it’s just that they aren’t willing to get involved. There’s also a chance that some of your co-workers choose to stay silent because they don’t want to seek attention of your bully on themselves. Don’t get worried if such thing happens, everybody has the choice to make their own decisions.


  • Don’t Be Afraid & Directly Confront The Bully


Gather all your strength and confront the bully directly. However, if there’s any physical danger involved, then avoid this approach. Try confronting your bully, if you are sure he or she won’t harm you. Ensure that you keep the whole confronting process totally professional. Don’t yell or threaten him/her as it will gather support for bully, just stay calm. Put it in plain and simple words that you won’t be taking the bullying anymore. Ensure that you sound bold, confident and make a good eye contact.


  • Don’t Allow Your Bully To Get In Your Mind


Knowingly or unknowingly, the aim of your bully is to destroy your self-esteem and intimidate you extremely. There’s a high chance that your bully targets you because he or she sees you as a potential threat to their own position. By intimidating you, he or she tries to weaken your position, just don’t let that happen at all.


  • Ensure Your Superior Knows That You’re Doing A Good Job At Work


One of the main aims of office bullies is to make their targets look bad in front of others, especially their bosses. So, ensure that your superiors or boss knows that you’re doing an excellent work in the office as it will make your position more strong if problems between you and your bully escalate.


If you can’t handle the bullying in your office, then simply report the whole issue to the human resources department of your company.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

HR Outsourcing Trends For 2016 and Beyond

In many organisations, HR outsourcing is continuing to play an important role for a broader strategic approach to growth. A recent survey found the 6 main reasons why businesses are increasingly opting for HR Outsourcing:

  • To improve accuracy
  • To improve compliance
  • To focus on strategy
  • To save lots of money
  • To take full advantage of technology
  • To gain access to HRO expertise

HR Outsourcing

There was a time when people used to consider HR outsourcing as appropriate only for large-scale businesses. However, things have changed significantly and now HR outsourcing is increasingly seen as an important option for small businesses as well. Some of the major benefits of HR outsourcing are:

  • Excellent productivity – Instead of managing regular administrative tasks, workers can focus on more strategic operations.
  • Access to latest technology – You can use state-of-the-art equipment without having to own it.
  • Assistance From An Expert with compliance Knowledge – You can allow your HR outsourcing service provider to stay up-to-date on changing laws related to benefits regulations, hiring, and insurance claims management.

HR outsourcing helps smaller companies to grow remarkably without any need of hiring extra workforce, and provides all types of assistance in compliance issues, which helps to reduce the fear of any financial consequences that may occur because of failure to comply with employment regulations issued by government.

Here’s a quick look at the Current and Future Trends for HR Outsourcing:

  • Switching To The Cloud

Transferring all the important HR information of a company to servers and cloud has quite quickly become the standard approach for most of the business sectors. Cloud has more efficient data security processes which provide more value and can help organisations to maintain continuity in their operations. HR Outsourcing which based on cloud offers advanced analytics and reporting, and integrated workforce support and other HR operations.

  • Process Automation

Smart process automation can perform better on productivity, reduce manual back-office functions, and make employee benefits management easier by using cloud-based HR platforms.

  • Selective Outsourcing

In selective outsourcing, specific employee management operations which need specialized knowledge are outsourced by businesses while they retain other functions in-house. Selective outsourcing is ideal for compliance, candidate recruitment, non-harassment training and development of an employee manual.

  • Social Media Recruiting

Nowadays, social media recruitment and selection efforts are being increased by HR outsourcing service providers in order to get benefits from business-focused platforms.

Final Thoughts: With ever evolving needs of both employers and employees, HR outsourcing is quickly becoming the best solution for businesses that are looking for a reliable HR service provider for an overall growth. So, what do you think? Is this the right time for your business to outsource HR services?

HR Outsourcing Trends For 2016 and Beyond

What Makes Human Resources Software A Must Have For Every Company?

A company is actually a combination of different departments working together. It’s crucial that all the departments keep working together, move forward, complete assigned functions and make profit for the company. In any company, human resource is one department that has to deal with extreme pressure. However, with help of effective Human resources software, you can ensure that this department keeps operating effectively.

You must be aware of the fact that HR department affects all the other department of your company in one way or another. So, human resources software can assist different parts of your company to run smoothly.

Here are the top benefits of using human resources software in your company.

  • Increases Productivity

There’s no doubt that human resources software works efficiently to increase productivity within your HR department. With an effective HR management system you can automate a wide range of HR functions, especially payroll and benefits management. This will enable you to focus on other projects such as hiring skilled staff and making strategies for employee training.

  • Enhances Team Spirit

Studies have shown that in big corporations more than 40% work in an HR department (on any given day) was dedicated to benefits management. Here, human resources software can manage benefits management automatically that allows not only your HR workers to focus on more important issues, but also provides your non-HR workers the means to administer their own benefits. They feel as if they’re in control and this assist to enhance the team spirit throughout the organisation, and this is also the reason it is considered as an important part of human resources software.

  • Errors Will Be Reduced Significantly

Serious legal and financial complication can arise even due to a small human error. A misplaced ‘comma’ or ‘full stop’ have created numerous issues in the past, but with reliable human resources software such errors will be negligible. Fully functional human resources software automates processes, which helps to keep everything operating properly.

  • Effective Compliance

Always keep in mind that even small errors can cost you a huge amount of loss. Organisations (regardless of their size) must comply with the current laws related to HR and information, but doing so might be a bit tricky. However, human resources software offers easy ways to administer different aspects of the company, which includes compliance related information. So, if you wish to stay away from breaking any law then use human resources software.

  • Useful Metrics

Organisations should regularly review info and create strategies based on their performance and competition. Human resources software has HR metrics tools that help to measure issues like hiring costs and turnover rate accurately. By using human resources software you get access to numerous tools that are used to create business strategies.

What Makes Human Resources Software A Must Have For Every Company?

Top 5 Tips On How To Talk About Your Weakness In A Job Interview

Are you looking to get successful in the field of human resources and considering your scope in various HR careers? You need to prepare appropriately to get a job in the highly competitive HR industry. If you don’t have much experience in giving interviews then prepare yourself with mock interviews so that you get an idea about your capabilities in facing an interview.

One of the biggest questions that troubles people a lot in any interview, especially for human resources job is “What’s your biggest weakness?” Here are top 5 tips that will help you to prepare an answer for this question, if asked in the interview. Have a look.

  • Tip Number #1 – Know More About Your Weaknesses

In order to get a better idea about your weaknesses, you can choose a personality type quiz that will help you to understand everything better. Everyone has specific weaknesses and has particular strengths. There’s a high chance that if you aren’t aware with your weaknesses then you might have little idea about your strength also. This might raise a doubt on your value at the office.

  • Tip Number #2 – Be Honest And Avoid Mentioning Important Skills

The trick here is to give an answer that doesn’t underscore your value. While defining your weakness or weaknesses, you can mention things which aren’t that important for the company and doesn’t reflect the main task for which you’re being hired. For example, while giving an interview for an HR job, if you’re asked what’s your biggest weakness then you can reply ‘finances’. It’s quite obvious that finances don’t have much to do with HR field and you getaway through a safe reply.

  • Tip Number #3 – Tell Them How You Defeated Your Weaknesses

Prepare in advance for this and explain the interviewers on how you overcame your previous failures or weaknesses. Don’t elaborate much and never tell them that you’re still working on those areas of concern. Make a good impression on the interviewing panel and make them believe that you strive to improve your weak areas.

  • Tip Number #4 – Avoid Preparing A Similar Explanation

It’s quite obvious that you’re willing to be fully prepared for every common & expected question in the interview, especially the one which is about your weaknesses. Contemplate on your weaknesses before the interview, but try not to rehearse a reply. This should be done to make it look like that you gave an answer instantly and aren’t speaking anything rehearsed before. Go with the flow!

  • Tip Number #5 – Talk About Work-Related Weaknesses Only

Ensure that all your answers are related to the job you’re interviewing for, especially answer related to your weakness. For example, you’re giving interview for a human resources job and the interviewer asks about your weakness. It will be extremely inappropriate that instead of giving an answer related to human resources, you reply sports (or anything else) as your weakness. Try to stay focused and ensure that your replies are related to the job for which you’re giving the interview.

Top 5 Tips On How To Talk About Your Weakness In A Job Interview

Top 5 Surprising Secrets About Human Resources

How well you are aware with the secrets of the Human Resources department. No matter what are the functions of a department, it surely has some hidden secrets – and human resources department is no different. Ever wondered that what goes on behind the closed doors of the human resources department?

Here are top 5 secrets of the human resources departments. Have a look.

  • Never Think That HR Will Act Like Your Advocate.

The human resources department’s main role is to fulfil the requirements of its company. Always keep in mind that the loyalty and responsibilities of the human resources department are to the company. Now, while analysing you’ll find that in some cases, the HR works as an advocate for the workers in front of bad managers. This is generally because it is far more profitable for the company to retain the hard working employees, find and sort out negative management and prevent legal issues before they become unmanageable.

However, in many scenarios it is quite apparent that what’s best for the company is not best for the workers, and almost every time the interests of the company will win out. Actually it’s not negativity, but that’s simply what HR’s job is all about.

  • Human Resources Isn’t Compelled To Keep Everything Confidential, Even If You Ask For Discretion.

Human resources employees aren’t saints and there’s no need to expect confidentiality while having a conversation with them. If HRs get hold of some confidential information and they think that it needs to be shared with the managers or CEOs of the company, then they will share the info because their job obligates them to do that. Moreover, if they fail to act properly in such scenarios then actually they’re are being professionally negligent or even breaking the company laws.

  • HR Representative Have Access To Info Which They Won’t Tell You

The human resources department in the course of work come across loads of information that they won’t be sharing with other employees of the company. The information could be related to benefits, profits, losses, mergers and complete overhaul within the company.

  • HR Representatives Real Job Is To Help Managers And Not To Dictate Them.

Many companies bestow numerous powers in their human resources department and sometimes give them more than they should get. Even then it’s not expected from HR representatives to dictate orders to the company managers. Human resources department is no doubt an essential thing that ensures the overall growth of the company, but HR representatives should not cross their limits by dictating terms and orders to the managers of the organisation.

  • The HR Department Might Perform Good Or Awfully

Some HR departments are quite focused to achieve their goals, follow the company’s culture and strive to deliver high quality work. On the other hand, a bad HR department will get in the way of your company’s success. So, you need to ensure that you hold a tight grip on your company’s human resources department.

Top 5 Surprising Secrets About Human Resources

Debunking Top 5 Myths About Human Resources

No matter what’s the size of your business, you can’t ignore the important role played by human resources department in ensuring the overall growth and success of the company. Many small business owners don’t understand the importance of HR departments. They think that it decreases the profits, restricts their freedom and move their attention from core issues of the company.

All these negatives thoughts in many business owners’ minds have created a wrong image for human resources. There are numerous myths about human resources which have been circulating for a long time now. It’s the right time debunk some of the most common myths about human resources. Have a look.

  • Myth Number #1 – HR Outsourcing Directly Indicates That There’s No Need For An In-House HR Manager

No, this not true at all and actually HR function on three tiers, which are the long-term/strategic perspective, the mid-term corporate/operational goals, and the daily/transactional activities. HR outsourcing might sound like a big competition to any in-house HR manager. However, this myth is far from the reality and usually HR outsourcing firms need an internal presence. An in-house HR manager can act as the link between his/her company and the HR outsourcing firm.

  • Myth Number #2 – Human Resources Is Very Expensive

It’s a bit difficult thing to analyse the cost of the human resources department because they work more as a proactive rather than reactive in most of the cases. However, HR department reduce significant amount of expenses by applying various methods such as current wage analysis, quality hiring practices, effective employee engagement. Having an HR department protects the financial investments and liabilities of the company.

  • Myth Number #3 – By Outsourcing HR, I Will Lose Control Over My Company

No! This is one of the most common misconceptions about the HR field which makes many businesses to stay away from it completely. In reality, the HR outsourcing firms act as a business partner for their clients and offer numerous benefits which their clients haven’t even imagined. HR department (whether internal or outsourced), only serves as the business partner of your company and strives to ensure success for both the parties involved.

  • Myth Number #4 – Small Businesses Don’t Need Human Resources

As the business world is evolving at a rapid speed, it has become simply impossible to survive or grow without HR services. Every company moves forward on the success path because of its expert and hardworking employees. A big company with hundreds of employees might be able to survive even if there are a few inefficient workers. However, it becomes nearly impossible for a small business to grow even if a single employee fails to perform effectively.

  • Myth Number #5 – I Don’t Have Time To Focus On Long-Term HR Results

If you’re a small business then you might be looking forward or have planned to move forward to become a big player in the market. Some people think that HR is a waste of time and they can’t focus on it. However, if you’re not getting HR services now then it might affect your growth rate and there’s a chance that your business might cease to survive without human resources services.

Debunking Top 5 Myths About Human Resources