Managed Payroll Services – Need Of Every Business

Each entrepreneur knows the significance of impeccably managed payroll services. The size of the business is irrelevant while handling the payroll as all the paperwork more or less still remains the same as before. The payroll is not only about calculating the salary of the workers, it fundamentally implies:

  • Monitoring every employee’s working hours
  • Providing due significance to their travelling costs, meal coupons, retirement advantages and so on
  • Monitoring all the taxes and their due dates
  • Handling the invoices, receipts and organisation’s payroll


Unmanaged bills and wrong paperwork can result in creating numerous problems for your business by the end of the year. Consequently, the business owners ought to give careful consideration towards payroll, finance and accounting division from the very first day. The organisation may even choose to outsource their administrations to some other payroll service providers.


Let’s take a look at some the most immediate benefits you get if your company goes for managed payroll services:


  • Accuracy & Time Efficient – While you choose to outsource your business to some other organisation, you will see that they’re making your work a priority for 24×7. You can call them or email them with your workers’ details of interest and they will respond by providing the right amount of checks for each worker. You will have the capacity to chip away at different things while an expert is working over your payroll processing.


  • Minimum Paperwork – As an organisation, you will need to do paperwork with a minimum level. You simply need to either call the managed payroll services or just email them with your employees’ details, working hours, advantages and so on. Managed payroll services will do the rest for you and there’ll be no need to do the difficult calculation yourself.


  • Staying Ahead – Managed payroll services are exceptionally knowledgeable with all the recent tax slabs, new alterations, due dates and so on. Managed payroll services don’t miss any due dates. They ensure that your workers get their salary on time, and you pay state or government taxes on time. This generally can be a difficult task to perform.


  • Zero Liability – If you get managed payroll services, you get them as your consultants. You don’t take their liability on your organisation. It essentially fills your needs and additionally makes you stress free.


  • Cost Effective – Getting managed payroll services to do the payroll for you can prove to be highly cost effective for your company. You either pay on hour basis or fixed monthly/annual amount, which proves to be quite cheaper than hiring a full time professional to do the job.


Final Thoughts: The main issue is that every business owner should maintain taxes and payroll documents properly, whether by outsourcing or doing it in-house. Go for managed payroll services, if you’re finding it difficult to manage yourself.

Managed Payroll Services – Need Of Every Business

Why Your Business Needs Payroll Software?

A few decades back, when PCs and electrical gadgets were not created and available in the market, people used to perform all the tasks manually, which included finding out how much and when to pay their workers. However, with technological advances over the years, numerous devices are now available for us that have simply changed how our world functions today.


One of these advances is payroll software. These are software programs and apps that find out the how and when workers ought to be paid. Payroll is mostly all about a list of workers and their salaries.


In the event that you install payroll software on your PC it will make your tasks a lot quicker and much simpler, as there’ll be no need to do difficult calculations manually. The payroll software is already programmed, modified and customised to do the job on its own!


Payroll software not only just calculates the salaries, it can also check taxes, deduct for pension plans and government taxes, and they can also consider your workers’ sick time and vacation periods. There are loads of payroll software solutions that are being offered on the internet yet you need to pick one that would fill in all the requirements of your organisation and your business.


Here are a few tips and advices to choose the best payroll software for your company. Have a look.


  • To begin with, you need to recognise what sort of payroll framework you need to get for your organisation. You additionally need to consider how enormous or small your organisation is, and you need to also consider your budget for purchasing the software product you require. It is additionally essential for you to realise what sort of features/components you need your payroll software to have.


  • If you need a simpler approach, then you could enlist a payroll service, who will be printing the pay slips, calculate your workers’ salaries, and record payroll data for accounting tasks. You simply need to give them your workers’ time sheets and list their salaries. You could send it to them through the telephone, by fax or emails.


  • You can discover the payroll software online so you ought to search the internet properly before purchasing the product; also compare different software to see which of the product has the features you require. Check, if you’ll be getting installation and technical support as well.


  • While purchasing payroll software, you ought to know about the service provider’s reputation. Read feedback from its clients, before choosing which software you need to get, by reading clients’ reviews and feedback, you’ll get a better idea of issues with the software and whether it functions properly or not. Also check the user-friendliness of the payroll software.


Final Thoughts: Utilising payroll software will reduce your mistakes in making calculations and gives you a chance to complete your task early.

Why Your Business Needs Payroll Software?

Top 15 Reasons That Will Tempt You To Outsource Payroll

In reality, there is a wide range of reasons why businesses choose outsourced payroll. Let’s take a look at these top reasons that will convince you to outsource payroll service. These reasons will explain you the benefits of outsourcing payroll.

 Outsourced Payroll

  1. Cost

Outsourcing payroll has minimal cost effects, most particularly in the event when you outsource services to individuals based in nations that have lower financial status compared to yours. You can help them acquire cash and they can assist you by delivering effective administrations at low expenses.

  1. Productivity

Payroll management requires lots of effort and time. When you’re maintaining a small business, overseeing payroll is still tedious on the grounds that you need to manage multiple money related exchange/transactions. When you go for outsourced payroll, you can concentrate more on the other vital parts of your business.

  1. Accuracy

In any monetary parts of a business, clarity and precision ought to be observed in the majority of the time. Outsourcing payroll to individuals who have skills in managing accounts can guarantee the highest rate of clarity, accuracy and precision.

  1. Speed

A worker can work quickly when he/she is operating at favourable location. Outsourced payroll conveys less stress and diversions for your outsourced worker since he/she can work in any location and time. Your outsourced worker can operate at a quick speed when there is less stress and disturbance.

  1. Insight

Your outsourced payroll service representative has more opportunity to examine and stay updated on the latest bits of knowledge about financing nowadays since his/her assignment has lesser stress than being a standard worker who’s operating in an organisation. You can offer bits of knowledge to your worker, and he/she can offer info and contribute to your business.

  1. Accountability

Outsourcing payroll administrations can provide talented representatives who have expertise in managing funds and accounts.

  1. Reliability

Outsourced payroll has a high rate of dependability since the person who is dealing with your payroll can work more effectively when he/she operates from a location that suits them most.

  1. Security

In outsourced payroll administrations your pay checks are secured since they’ve knowledge about all the rules of accounting and they work hard to maintain their reputation in the industry. Some payroll administrations have tools and software that can find out payroll fraud or any manipulations which are made in the payment.

  1. Fewer Worries

In the event that you go for outsourced payroll, your stress will decrease significantly, and you can concentrate more on other core issues of your business. There is no compelling reason to stress in outsourcing payroll as most of the payroll services are dependable.

  1. Flexibility

When you choose outsourcing payroll, your workers will be liberated of routine payroll obligations. Thus, your workers can now focus on their particular assignments and parts of your business, prompting conceivable business growth and excellence. This will make the business more capable and adaptable to face/manage business troubles later on.

  1. Confidentiality

Professional payroll service is aware with the guidelines and protocols of taking care of the accounts; therefore they are dependable in keeping up the privacy of your own funds.

  1. Deadlines

A professional payroll service is being well aware with the deadlines, they have excellent time management, and they can guarantee you that they have the capacity to meet your due dates as they are operating with their own time preferences.

  1. Pricing

You don’t have to pay a very large sum of money for outsourced payroll services. While evaluating payroll service, you simply need to construct your costs with respect to the level of service the outsourcing specialist can offer.

  1. Payroll Information

Payroll service can give data & info to your account. So, you don’t need to invest energy in handling and checking payroll before giving it to your bookkeeper.

  1. Guidance & Recommendations

Renowned payroll service providers offer guidance and recommendations about changes which influence areas, for example, minimum wage, holiday grant, sick pay, maternity pay, etc.

Top 15 Reasons That Will Tempt You To Outsource Payroll

The Best Plan For Choosing A Payroll Company

Generally, people might not think that there are a lot of things which goes into selecting a payroll company. You have also considered them to be all identical, right? It’s quite possible that you will not notice the importance currently, but it’s a call that may have a great effect on your company’s monetary future. With so many choices available nowadays, you ought to be able to find a service that’s good for your business.

Here are some recommendations that will assist you a better decision while choosing a payroll service for your business.

  • Understand What You Wish, Understand What You Do Not Want

Payroll firms supply a wide range of payroll services. It’s vital to pay for what you want and don’t sign up for services that aren’t concerned with your business, industry, estate, etc. Several corporations have policies of ‘excessive-serving’ their clients as a way of boosting their own business. Do not allow your company to fall for this trick.

  • You need to make sure that payroll service you’re hiring has good experience in managing the ‘big 3’, which incorporates:
    • On time payment of your payroll taxes
    • On time payment of your workers
    • Payroll tax forms filing before the last date arrives.
  •  What Will Be Your Monthly Cost?

The answer for this question may vary from company to company and depends on the firm you select, also on the level of service you need and the number of staff you have got. It’s vital to understand precisely what proportion you may end up paying for every month as it will enable you to take into account this expense.

With these 3 excellent tips, you may notice that it is easier to find the right payroll company for your business.

If you don’t have much knowledge about payroll and you’re not sure of what you should do, then it’s vital to gather the maximum amount of data & info as possible. Do that by asking these questions:

  • What type of reputation does the payroll company have among clients?
  • Who’ll be made liable if a mistake is done?
  • How the payroll service provider is planning to deliver updates and reports from the?
  • Will there be any changes in the monthly/annual fee?
  • What type of data & info will the payroll service company want access to?
  • Would I be paying for an account representative or I’ll running online payroll myself?

As you get answers of these questions, you’ll become a lot sure that what you need from the payroll service company. Therefore, follow these tips properly to achieve new heights for your business.

The Best Plan For Choosing A Payroll Company

The Latest Trends in The World Of Payroll

With ever evolving technology, it has become quite important for small businesses to run parallel with the most recent trends and enhancements. Meeting developments in the world of payroll is one necessary example.

payroll Saas

Your company has many options of approaches to fulfil this important business accounting requirement:

  • Utilising payroll software system with in-house workers
  • Utilising payroll service online, also known as Payroll SaaS

The temptation of hiring an outside company, of course, is full of convenience however the negative aspect is the cost. It’s one of the most high-priced possibilities and the need to supply information to the payroll supplier still needs employees’ time. However, these things can be easily subsided if you find the payroll service that offers high quality work within your budget. It’s all about how much you’re willing to find a company that suits your needs.

A commonly used approach by many companies is traditional software when it comes to payroll. No doubt, payroll software is far less costly than outsourced payroll. However, it can prove a bit difficult to keep software up-to-date with the most recent tax laws and this can be an area of concern.

If you are failing to stay up with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) law, you’re on your own to face the government in order to resolve any notices or penalties. Additionally, software system needs employees’ time to enter the information and the entry should mostly be done at the workplace. However, these problems will go away once you choose the best payroll software – Preceda.

Payroll SaaS provides multiple benefits compared to traditional software, together with price, convenience and simple and certain compliance with ATO tax rules. An honest payroll SaaS can save almost half the price of traditional software.

Payroll processing with a SaaS has become easier than ever:

  • Login to a safe website and provide workers’ payroll information for the time period
  • Ensure the data you entered is right
  • Just approve the payroll

After that the payroll can cut and file all the relevant payroll taxes and pay staff by direct deposit, or deliver self-print pay checks for managers. During the right quarterly and annual intervals, ATO forms are filed automatically. The major advantage of online payroll is that the payroll is filed anytime which is quite convenient. All you need is a PC and an internet connection.

Employees’ time is cut notably and transferred to convenient times. The online payroll service can incorporate any changes related to tax laws seamlessly into a software system. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the ATO’s ever-changing rule book.

The Latest Trends in The World Of Payroll

5 Reasons That Will Convince You To Use Outsourced Payroll Service

Many organisations are looking forward to payroll services to transfer the executive burden of paying the workers. However, outsourcing payroll is not only a relief; it is additionally a wise business call. Let’s take a look at 5 Reasons to choose an outsourced payroll.

outsourced payroll service

Businesses of every size are identifying the worth of outsourced payroll to an external payroll service provider.

Here are the top reasons to use an outsourced payroll service. Have a look.

  • Cost

Majority of businesses, especially small businesses with less than twenty workers can save a good amount of money by outsourcing payroll management. Experts’ advices to add up the amount of time the internal staff spends on payroll and evaluate the value to the corporate. Embrace the value of printing and giving checks, making tax documents, bookkeeping and accounting. In the majority of situations, payroll service is going to supply the service for quite less, as they work at high volume, use refined payroll software, and implement best practices.

  • Productivity

Opting for the outsourced payroll frees up in-house employees to concentrate on core functions that enhance the business. Small business owners particularly appreciate the liberty to concentrate on what matters most. Many experts observe that by specialising in what you are doing best and leaving the remainder to an experienced individual, you’ll be able to give longer time to grow and manage your company. Payroll service workers are generally able to finish payroll management a lot faster because they have vast experience, volume, and payroll software.

  • Accountability

Payroll is followed by strong rules and regulations of Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Outsourcing payroll functions generally transfer responsibility for legal compliance onto the payroll service provider. A recent report revealed that more than 30% of small businesses are penalised by the ATO every year due to improper filing of their payroll taxes. Payroll corporations won’t allow penalty charges to happen in late or inaccurate submission. Many firms even offer guarantees for their work.

  • Legal Compliance

Remember, a payroll service has the experience and resources to complete payroll work properly. While considering legal compliance, payroll service keeps pace with complex, ever changing legislation and tax obligations related to payroll. Organisations can rely on the payroll service to keep an eye on filing deadlines and create timely and correct deposits.

  • Excellent Payroll Service

Payroll service providers have a natural advantage compared to in-house department in offering high quality service. However, crucial aspects, like expertise, access to payroll technology, and volume play an important role here. Staff of your company can expect correct, timely, and the best check from a payroll company. They might get access to premium payroll services like a self-service online coverage portal and direct deposit.

5 Reasons That Will Convince You To Use Outsourced Payroll Service

How Managed Payroll Services Are Beneficial For Your Business

Organisations try to induce the leaner structure by streamlining their business operations. The question that business owners usually have to deal with is whether or not to keep executing tasks in-house or to outsource the operations that don’t produce revenue or add any value to main projects of the organisation.

Outsourced Payroll

Although HR and payroll were usually managed in-house before, now because of a bigger requirement for efficiencies several firms seek the advantages of outsourced payroll. Here managed payroll services come to the scene.

Here are the top 5 advantages you’ll achieve by getting managed payroll services.

  • Keep Management

Majority of business owners have concerns about outsourcing because it means a loss of control, but with managed payroll services, you continue to remain in control because the engagement is outlined and described in the contract with the service provider. With managed payroll services, you’ll choose and opt for precisely the functions that you would like to turn over, and the ones you would like to manage in-house. It’s versatile and ascendible to work with a managed services supplier. You’ll be able to define precisely what you would like the service provider to do and you’ll make sure that it gets done, without wasting a single minute on doing it yourself.

  • Risk Management & Compliance

Payroll and tax laws will always be complex and complicated. With the correct service provider, you’ll be able to get access into experience in legislation, government laws, security, and privacy so as to reduce the level of risks involved. This can prove to be particularly valuable if you own a small business and have no in-house payroll experience.

  • Increased Accuracy

When it involves payroll, you would like to make the numbers right or you’ll end up in trouble with ATO (Australian Taxation Office) and disenchant your workers. With fluctuating tax rates, different benefits and coverage offered, various time sheets and pay scales, it becomes difficult to manage it properly. However, outsourced payroll can handle them properly and promptly, every time.

  • Costs Are Controlled

In order to increase profits, you’ll be making an effort to manage costs, just like any other business owner. Managed payroll services give you the freedom you want to handle your excess expenditure and turn it into a better cost structure. This can be particularly necessary if there’s an economic downturn. When the business declines or grows, so do the service prices.

  • Save Time

When the human resource department of your company isn’t giving most valuable time on handling payroll systems, then your business automatically saves time that may be utilised on critical business functions.

Final Thoughts: You need to strategically manage the payroll process to achieve successful business functions. Here, using managed payroll services can prove to be highly useful.

How Managed Payroll Services Are Beneficial For Your Business

What is Payroll SaaS & How It Works?

SaaS (Software as a Service) is a common term used for software offered and used completely online or in the cloud. A lot of businesses are utilising this online service to handle their work, doing payroll, HR, etc. Especially payroll process has become the prime choice for this service. Additionally, these online payroll solutions are more cost-effective whereas information security and required compliance are guaranteed.

 payroll Saas

With Payroll SaaS, your entire Payroll Solutions are operated easily and efficiently at a fast rate. Payroll SaaS permits you to do the task yourself with no payroll knowledge that is appropriate for organisations that has manpower constraint and business owners that need to run payroll on their own. Running payroll is extremely easy and straightforward with a handful of steps as follows.

  • By logging into the service provider’s safe website you can access your account
  • Enter the payroll information and then check if the data is correct
  • Agree and process payroll

After finishing the steps mentioned above, the payroll SaaS can manage the remaining work and your workers can even check their payslips online with absolutely no trouble. As a result, you need to save lots of your time and money as you won’t have to do any infrastructure investment such as hardware, package upgrades, etc. and no HR solutions cost is needed.

  • Payroll SaaS Is The Right Thing To Do

Internet permits you to access your data from anyplace you come with and any device such as laptop, mobile phone or tablet). Then you’ll even pay your workers by utilising payroll SaaS as long as you have access to the internet services.

Here are the biggest advantages of payroll SaaS compared to different other strategies. Have a look.

  1. You Can Begin Working Anytime: It’s nearly easy to start it up and run once getting subscribed to the online payroll service. You only have to enter some vital data like your company or worker details and make some choices from the options available. Then you’ll be able to operate your payroll service whenever you wish.

  1. Keep Compliant: The system is often updated with the newest legislative data, so you’ll be free from any worries of the statutory compliance.

  1. Completely Safe & Secure: Your information is stored in highly secure infrastructure that is often maintained and upgraded by payroll service providers. You won’t have to worry anymore about security, confidentiality, data loss, server crashes, etc.

Final Thoughts: Payroll SaaS is a highly advanced online application that helps organisations to operate in a lot easier and efficient way. Payroll processing can now be done in a matter of minutes, so you’ll now be able to focus more on your core business. This is an excellent way to grow your business quickly.

What is Payroll SaaS & How It Works?

Top 6 Pros Of Outsourcing Payroll Service & Getting Payroll Software

One of the biggest challenges which are being faced by the majority of businesses today is increasing efficiency. Outsourcing of business processes, especially Payroll and human resources are being considered by more and more companies. This is happening usually because third-party providers can perform those functions more efficiently. Businesses often wonder if choosing an online payroll service is the right decision for their organisations.

Top 6 Pros Of Outsourcing Payroll Service & Getting Payroll Software

Here are top pros you should know when deciding to use online payroll service.

  1. More Cost-Effective And Highly Efficient

 Good payroll software enables you to finish payroll tasks within minutes and saves lots of time, which you can give to other important tasks of the business. You can easily calculate the salary based on hours, overtime and bonuses with the help of payroll software, while keeping track of PTO. You can use your employees to focus on the core issues, which will help your company to grow unprecedentedly.

A recent study stated that businesses that choose payroll outsourcing spend 20% less on average compared to companies that keep it in-house. Don’t forget that time is money, and payroll outsourcing is an ideal way to reclaim valuable hours.

  1. Taxes Are Filed On Time And Correctly

The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) penalises near about 1 out of 4 businesses for their errors in payroll and millions of AUD is issued in penalties related to employment taxes. Choosing payroll software or payroll outsourcing provides you an opportunity to work with tax experts and automated processes, which ensure accurate, timely and correct filing.

  1. Compliance Best Practices

Apart from tax compliance, a large number of payroll service providers can also offer assistance with labour and employment compliance through time & attendance solutions. As your business grows, you’ll notice that legal and regulatory compliance has become a lot more complex. This makes it a lot important for businesses to find a payroll service provider that can help with growth and mitigate risk involved in these areas.

  1. Speedy Access To Data And Analytics

With cloud payroll, you’ll get secure and on-the-go access, which automatically allows you to view and edit workers’ info whenever you need to. Custom reporting and analytics, dashboards are also offered by many payroll software providers so you can create all types of reports in a matter of clicks.

  1. Self-Service For Employee

One of the best things about cloud payroll is secure online access, which allows workers access to things like pay slips, time off requests and personal info. A few companies are now also offering mobile apps, so workers can get info directly on their Smartphone.

  1. Easier For Workers

A user-friendly payroll service will help workers to learn and use the services easily instead of a complex in-house process. Ease-of-use can play an important role in minimising workload for managers of a company that changes jobs every few years.

Top 6 Pros Of Outsourcing Payroll Service & Getting Payroll Software

Top 8 Reasons For Using Payroll Software

Here are top benefits you get by using high quality payroll software.

  • It’s Cost Effective

The most obvious and one of the best benefits of using payroll software is its cost effectiveness. There is great potential to save money, if you take control of payroll yourself and decide not to opt for a professional service, especially when you become proficient in using the software quickly and efficiently. Although there are some drawbacks with the decisions of not choosing a professional service, but these will subside once you get used to the payroll software.

  • Employee Calendars

Employee calendars which come with some payroll software solutions offer the user a very easy way to manage overtime, absences and sick leave. With only a look you can know that for how long the workers were away, how much leave they are entitled, what type of leave they are currently on, and whether they should be at work. All these things make the whole planning system quite easier.

  • Create Payslips

Many business owners often use free payroll software, but free versions cannot create payslips. On the other hand, you can easily and quickly generate payslips for your entire workforce, and with the help of templates you can ensure that the statutory minimum info is included.

  • Tax Updates

Often business owners are so much busy in their work they fail to stay aware with the latest tax updates. However, you need not to worry with payroll software as it will notify you whenever these updates happen.

  • Time Saving

For a business to manage its own payroll, it’s quite obvious that it will require extra time and extra resources. However, this is not the case with payroll software because with the help of its wide range of automated features it provides speed and efficiency in every aspect of the payroll process.

  • High Security

You can get rid of the uncertainty which arrives with the sending of private employee info to a third party by simply managing payroll in-house with payroll software. You can beef up security of your own IT systems, but with good payroll solutions you will get highest IT security standards.

  • Reminders

When a user sign into the payroll software, different types of reminders help them to prioritise important tasks which are then provided speed by the user. This process makes it a lot easier for the user to stay ahead of payslips and tax submissions.

  • Payroll Software Helps To Keep You Away From Making Mistakes

When you’re managing aspects of payroll manually, then there’s a high chance that you’ll be making numerous mistakes. However, by choosing the right payroll software, you’ll be reducing the number of mistakes remarkably. You won’t be entering the wrong information because of the comprehensive validation procedures and checks.

Top 8 Reasons For Using Payroll Software