Surveillance Catches Former Employee Faking Injuries To Get Compensation

Yes, you heard it right – Surveillance has caught a former staff member while she was faking her injuries to claim thousands of dollars in employee compensation.

South Australian resident Zara Deniz injured herself while working as a floor worker at Thomas Food’s processing plant located at Murray Bridge in 2006. A successful claim was made by Zara Deniz that she can’t perform her duty due to the injuries and then started receiving near about $600 in weekly compensation.

More than 6 years later, when an independent medical practitioner was examining her, Deniz allegedly told that she still suffers from chronic pain. She also alleged that this makes it difficult for her to stand, sit or bend down and chances of her working again are really dim.

It has been reported by the Human Resource Department that the company took necessary actions to ensure that the issue is sorted out effectively.

State Government officials put Deniz under surveillance due to her suspicious behaviour and found evidence that she is just faking her illness. She has pleaded guilty to 34 counts of fraud, which makes almost $20,000. On condition that Deniz agreed to a two-year, $500 good-behaviour bond, Magistrate suspended a 9 months and 2 weeks jail sentence.

Surveillance Catches Former Employee Faking Injuries To Get Compensation

Executive Team Shake-Up Revealed By News Corp Australia

A new approach to the News Corp Australia’s executive leadership was unveiled by executive chairman Michael Miller. New responsibilities were handed over to top executives Nicole Sheffield and Damien Eales.

Executive chairman Michael Miller appointed Damian Eales, to the new role of chief operating officer, publishing; previously Mr Eales was the head of metro and regional publishing. In an email to staff News Corp Australia Mr Miller said that the focus will be shifted on digital and publishing businesses of the company.

Damien Eales will now be in charge of News Corp Australia’s newspaper publishing assets after assuming his new role in the company. This will now incorporate community mastheads, group marketing and network advertising.

News Corp Australia’s Group Director Human Resources and Corporate Initiatives, Mr Derrick Crowley will now assume the role of chief transformation officer, apart from his responsibility for the department of Human Resources.

Mr Michael Miller said that these newly appointed portfolios will work hand in hand to make sure that the company meets its strategic targets to increase profits and audience opportunities.

Executive Team Shake-Up Revealed By News Corp Australia

10 Tips That Will Help You To Conquer Any Interview

As of late, there was an online study of individuals from Human Resources Growth divisions of different organisations. In that study, around 40% of employing managers asserted that they know in 180 seconds whether they would be hiring somebody or not.


The main thing you would learn after an interview is that you ought to make a great impression in the primary minute of the meeting. Moreover, there are little things that the interviewee usually neglects before going for an interview. You have to be very much aware of these fine details before making a long lasting impact on the interviewing panel.


Let’s take a look at the tips that will help you to convert your next job interview highly successful.


  1. You may have this one before, but it’s really true – First impression is the best impression. Around 70% of recruiting managers say that they consider the dressing and clothing sense of the applicants when they need to choose one between two candidates who are similar.


  1. Your behaviour before the interviewing panel from the minute you get into the room is also quite important. The interviewers on the board panel will watch you properly before making their decision.


  1. Your voice quality and the level of confidence it delivers has a long lasting impression on the interviewer during the interview. Remember, the interviewers will check your confidence by asking tricky questions.


  1. Your method of presentation is additionally brought into consideration while assessing you. While making a communication, you need to put forth the statements, which are grammatically correct. Else, it will make a negative impression about you.


  1. You ought to carefully pick the words while communicating with the panel of interviewers while the interview is going on. The panel of interviewers would make you responsible for each word you expressed.


  1. To get positive reactions and replies from the panel of interviewers, it’s always better to make proper eye contact with them.


  1. You have to make an open and logically appropriate stance. You need to keep a smiling face, no matter how tough the interview becomes. A good smile will have positive effects on the minds of interviewers.


  1. Before appearing for an interview, you need to learn up completely the basics of the business ventures managed by the organisation. This would empower you to present yourself better when the panel of the interviewers makes enquiries about your suitability to the company’s setup.


  1. While introducing yourself to the panel of interviewers ensure that you give a solid handshake that oozes tonnes of confidence. The feeble handshakes demonstrate your dubious or cautious nature.


  1. Make sure that you don’t fold arms or legs during the interview. This would give the inclination that you are closing doors to any proposals/suggestions. Never utilise an excessive number of hand motions while talking with the interviewers.


Looking to manage interviews? Cloud HR or HR software are two things that can assist you in hiring the right candidates for your company.

10 Tips That Will Help You To Conquer Any Interview

What Makes HR Software Implementation So Important?

If your company is planning to implement new HR software which can manage things like recruiting, payroll, scheduling or workforce management, then you should have a better idea about analysing features, pricing, and system requirements. You must understand that the implementation of HR software is just as crucial as the features it will offer.

HR Software

Here are a few important things you should know about HR software implementation. Have a look.

How HR Software Implementation Happens?

Here are some of the steps you can expect while HR software is getting implemented.

  • A Proper Project Plan
  • Effective Installation
  • Customised Configuration
  • Safe Data Conversion
  • Expert Training
  • Reliable Parallel Processing and Then Simply Go Live

The Importance Of Implementation

One of the most important aspects you’ll come across during the HR software implementation is proper training. It’s quite crucial to ensure that the system administrators, IT experts, managers and the owners of the company must learn how to use the system.

You’ll come to know that how well the software will work for your company during the implementation. While the process is going on, HR software implementation expert will configure the software for your company, after considering your business rules and processes.

Data conversion is also included in the implementation. Proper conversion of data and info is crucial because if you’re switching from one system to another, then you’ll find that every brand of HR software sets the data up a bit differently. Proper loading of this data is quite essential because without it, there’ll be nothing in the system to work with.

  • What To Expect From The HR Software Vendor

First thing to expect is a highly detailed project plan and timeline which  figures out what it is expected from both parties and the time limit for getting the projects completed. You can expect certain deliverables within the process to make sure that the HR software implementation runs and complete smoothly. Advice on procedure for roll-out or a go live date will be provided, so you can expect patience and professionalism.

  • How To Get The Best Out Of The Implementation Process

To receive the most out of the HR software, your vendor will cooperate with you to execute it properly. However, there are a lot of other things you perform on your side as well.

  • Before making any rash decision, you must consider your goals, requirements and what you want to accomplish with the HR software you’ve chosen.
  • Try not to go for the default settings. Ask the HR software implementation specialist to customise it according tour requirements and company’s approach.
  • Ensure that you set aside a proper amount of time, which is completely dedicated to training.
What Makes HR Software Implementation So Important?

Top 8 Benefits Of HR SaaS

HR Software in the cloud is a smarter, cost-effective and a convenient way to connect with your employees.


Here are some of the top benefits of HR SaaS.

1. Quick Cost Savings

With HR SaaS, there will be simply no need to buy additional software and hardware, or have IT employees in your company who can set it and manage it effectively. All the things which are needed to manage your HR solutions safe and running swimmingly whether it’s about information back up or maintenance of the firewall; everything is managed by the service provide.

2. Immediate Set Up

There’ll be simply no need to buy or install anything, which makes getting started HR SaaS way easier. HR SaaS service providers will usually provide you with login info to your own instance in just a few hours. Many HR SaaS service providers, also offer tools or help to assist with importing information and other different types of set up procedures.

3. Fast Payback

There’ll be need of software or hardware and with a faster implementation method payback is almost continuously quicker compared to in-house or hosted HR solutions. In reality, becuase HR SaaS service providers usually add new options on a monthly basis, the worth you get from your system is probably going to extend instead of decrease over time.

4. Easily Accessible

As HR SaaS solutions are made to be used online, worker self-service is constructed from the beginning. The majority of these would have sturdy roles-based security and approval advancement, in order to ensure that HR SaaS processes are managed effectively, and sensitive information is kept safe. Many HR SaaS have global capabilities at their core.

5. Always Up To Date

HR SaaS suppliers roll out new options to all their clients as soon as they’re released automatically. Since HR SaaS applications are easier to increase, releases are more frequent too. You will never be left on an outdated system.

6. Better Use Of Your Time

For you and your employees in the IT department, handling and changing software will be a big distraction. With HR SaaS, the service provider pays attention of the system, as well as applying the most recent or latest updates, so you can target doing what matters most for the company.

7. In-Built Agility

With HR SaaS, it becomes a lot easier to customise the system according to your requirements. You can add or remove workers or users whenever you wish to, or introduce the system to new locations. The service provider’s infrastructure will be made to scale with you.

8. No Downtime

Most HR SaaS systems are hosted in highly advanced information centres, with technology to automatically shield your system in case something goes wrong, at any time. Usually HR SaaS have an excellent record of 100% availability.

Top 8 Benefits Of HR SaaS

Why Cloud Computing Has Become Important For Small Businesses?

Unlike what many people think, cloud computing can prove quite beneficial even for small businesses. Cloud computing will mean massive changes for tiny businesses. Those changes have been witnessed by several of today’s small business owners, whether they’re from technical start-ups or urban and small-town shopping outlets. There’s no doubt that cloud has simply redefined the way small firms do business.

It’s The Right Time To Choose Cloud Computing For Payroll

Take a look at these 4 reasons why small business owners should migrate to the cloud, especially to cloud HR and cloud payroll.

  • Lower Prices

One of the foremost obvious advantages of moving everyday business to the cloud computing is that it will offer small businesses with vital savings. For beginners, cloud computing completely uses the hardware. It will increase the worth of physical server hardware, which clearly indicates that businesses will do a lot more with less investment.

Because of this, small businesses can see a reduction in rack area, power usage, IT necessities, etc. which means lower hardware, installation, support, upgrade and maintenance costs. For small businesses, such savings are really invaluable.

  • Excellent Collaboration

With cloud computing, collaboration is made really simple. The power to save and access varied info through the cloud allows workers to simply work from an equivalent master document. Cloud collaboration tools, like Google Drive, permit users to transfer, edit and investigate documents, which automatically results in higher work collaboration. In addition, business owners have the power to limit what workers can access.

Moreover, having the ability to access files through the cloud makes it simpler for small business owners to trace and manage individual advancement on tasks. This can work wonders for maintaining efficiency.

  • Escalated Flexibility

The best advantage of cloud computing is having the ability to access work related files and data from any device at any time in anyplace. The times have changed radically and now we live in a mobile world. Those days are way behind us when files used to stick on one server on one system.

As the offices start catering to a lot of remote employees and versatile operating arrangements, having the ability to access work materials, when not at the office, is really important for workers. Cloud computing not only makes it easier for workers to work outside of the workplace; it also makes it easier for small business owners to maintain their work, especially with cloud HR and cloud payroll at any time, from anyplace.

  • Bigger Integration

Using a cloud-based business solution generates loads of opportunities for integration. Cloud based small businesses have the choice of integrating with different cloud-based service providers.

Small businesses can get benefits from specialised services which integrate with back-office operations, such as HR, payroll and accounting. This offer small-business owner more time to specialise in more crucial areas of their business.


Why Cloud Computing Has Become Important For Small Businesses?

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

A famous writer once said that the world is a filled with cruel people. It’s true that many people often face bullies at some point in their life. There’s no shortage of bullies in offices also. These bullies will gossip and spread rumours about you, embarrass you, or intimidate you. Report it to the human resources department, if someone is bullying you in your company.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

Apart from reporting non-violent office bullying, you can do these things:


  • Take Advice Of A Trusted Senior


There must be someone senior in your office with whom you feel comfortable to talk. There’s also a chance that the senior might have faced a similar situation in his or her early days in the office. He or she can give you insights on how to tackle the problem in a better way or what type of response would be ideal for your problem. If the senior suggest reporting to the human resources department, then do that immediately.


  • Try Not To Involve Too Many Co-Workers


It’s not true that every co-worker will understand your problems. When they see what’s going around then they will form their own opinions about the whole issue. Many co-workers will listen to you and even offer assistance, but others won’t acknowledge your problem.


In many cases, it’s not that your co-workers (who opt to stay away) are bad, but it’s just that they aren’t willing to get involved. There’s also a chance that some of your co-workers choose to stay silent because they don’t want to seek attention of your bully on themselves. Don’t get worried if such thing happens, everybody has the choice to make their own decisions.


  • Don’t Be Afraid & Directly Confront The Bully


Gather all your strength and confront the bully directly. However, if there’s any physical danger involved, then avoid this approach. Try confronting your bully, if you are sure he or she won’t harm you. Ensure that you keep the whole confronting process totally professional. Don’t yell or threaten him/her as it will gather support for bully, just stay calm. Put it in plain and simple words that you won’t be taking the bullying anymore. Ensure that you sound bold, confident and make a good eye contact.


  • Don’t Allow Your Bully To Get In Your Mind


Knowingly or unknowingly, the aim of your bully is to destroy your self-esteem and intimidate you extremely. There’s a high chance that your bully targets you because he or she sees you as a potential threat to their own position. By intimidating you, he or she tries to weaken your position, just don’t let that happen at all.


  • Ensure Your Superior Knows That You’re Doing A Good Job At Work


One of the main aims of office bullies is to make their targets look bad in front of others, especially their bosses. So, ensure that your superiors or boss knows that you’re doing an excellent work in the office as it will make your position more strong if problems between you and your bully escalate.


If you can’t handle the bullying in your office, then simply report the whole issue to the human resources department of your company.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

HR Outsourcing Trends For 2016 and Beyond

In many organisations, HR outsourcing is continuing to play an important role for a broader strategic approach to growth. A recent survey found the 6 main reasons why businesses are increasingly opting for HR Outsourcing:

  • To improve accuracy
  • To improve compliance
  • To focus on strategy
  • To save lots of money
  • To take full advantage of technology
  • To gain access to HRO expertise

HR Outsourcing

There was a time when people used to consider HR outsourcing as appropriate only for large-scale businesses. However, things have changed significantly and now HR outsourcing is increasingly seen as an important option for small businesses as well. Some of the major benefits of HR outsourcing are:

  • Excellent productivity – Instead of managing regular administrative tasks, workers can focus on more strategic operations.
  • Access to latest technology – You can use state-of-the-art equipment without having to own it.
  • Assistance From An Expert with compliance Knowledge – You can allow your HR outsourcing service provider to stay up-to-date on changing laws related to benefits regulations, hiring, and insurance claims management.

HR outsourcing helps smaller companies to grow remarkably without any need of hiring extra workforce, and provides all types of assistance in compliance issues, which helps to reduce the fear of any financial consequences that may occur because of failure to comply with employment regulations issued by government.

Here’s a quick look at the Current and Future Trends for HR Outsourcing:

  • Switching To The Cloud

Transferring all the important HR information of a company to servers and cloud has quite quickly become the standard approach for most of the business sectors. Cloud has more efficient data security processes which provide more value and can help organisations to maintain continuity in their operations. HR Outsourcing which based on cloud offers advanced analytics and reporting, and integrated workforce support and other HR operations.

  • Process Automation

Smart process automation can perform better on productivity, reduce manual back-office functions, and make employee benefits management easier by using cloud-based HR platforms.

  • Selective Outsourcing

In selective outsourcing, specific employee management operations which need specialized knowledge are outsourced by businesses while they retain other functions in-house. Selective outsourcing is ideal for compliance, candidate recruitment, non-harassment training and development of an employee manual.

  • Social Media Recruiting

Nowadays, social media recruitment and selection efforts are being increased by HR outsourcing service providers in order to get benefits from business-focused platforms.

Final Thoughts: With ever evolving needs of both employers and employees, HR outsourcing is quickly becoming the best solution for businesses that are looking for a reliable HR service provider for an overall growth. So, what do you think? Is this the right time for your business to outsource HR services?

HR Outsourcing Trends For 2016 and Beyond

Top 8 Reasons For Using Payroll Software

Here are top benefits you get by using high quality payroll software.

  • It’s Cost Effective

The most obvious and one of the best benefits of using payroll software is its cost effectiveness. There is great potential to save money, if you take control of payroll yourself and decide not to opt for a professional service, especially when you become proficient in using the software quickly and efficiently. Although there are some drawbacks with the decisions of not choosing a professional service, but these will subside once you get used to the payroll software.

  • Employee Calendars

Employee calendars which come with some payroll software solutions offer the user a very easy way to manage overtime, absences and sick leave. With only a look you can know that for how long the workers were away, how much leave they are entitled, what type of leave they are currently on, and whether they should be at work. All these things make the whole planning system quite easier.

  • Create Payslips

Many business owners often use free payroll software, but free versions cannot create payslips. On the other hand, you can easily and quickly generate payslips for your entire workforce, and with the help of templates you can ensure that the statutory minimum info is included.

  • Tax Updates

Often business owners are so much busy in their work they fail to stay aware with the latest tax updates. However, you need not to worry with payroll software as it will notify you whenever these updates happen.

  • Time Saving

For a business to manage its own payroll, it’s quite obvious that it will require extra time and extra resources. However, this is not the case with payroll software because with the help of its wide range of automated features it provides speed and efficiency in every aspect of the payroll process.

  • High Security

You can get rid of the uncertainty which arrives with the sending of private employee info to a third party by simply managing payroll in-house with payroll software. You can beef up security of your own IT systems, but with good payroll solutions you will get highest IT security standards.

  • Reminders

When a user sign into the payroll software, different types of reminders help them to prioritise important tasks which are then provided speed by the user. This process makes it a lot easier for the user to stay ahead of payslips and tax submissions.

  • Payroll Software Helps To Keep You Away From Making Mistakes

When you’re managing aspects of payroll manually, then there’s a high chance that you’ll be making numerous mistakes. However, by choosing the right payroll software, you’ll be reducing the number of mistakes remarkably. You won’t be entering the wrong information because of the comprehensive validation procedures and checks.

Top 8 Reasons For Using Payroll Software

Top 5 Tips On How To Talk About Your Weakness In A Job Interview

Are you looking to get successful in the field of human resources and considering your scope in various HR careers? You need to prepare appropriately to get a job in the highly competitive HR industry. If you don’t have much experience in giving interviews then prepare yourself with mock interviews so that you get an idea about your capabilities in facing an interview.

One of the biggest questions that troubles people a lot in any interview, especially for human resources job is “What’s your biggest weakness?” Here are top 5 tips that will help you to prepare an answer for this question, if asked in the interview. Have a look.

  • Tip Number #1 – Know More About Your Weaknesses

In order to get a better idea about your weaknesses, you can choose a personality type quiz that will help you to understand everything better. Everyone has specific weaknesses and has particular strengths. There’s a high chance that if you aren’t aware with your weaknesses then you might have little idea about your strength also. This might raise a doubt on your value at the office.

  • Tip Number #2 – Be Honest And Avoid Mentioning Important Skills

The trick here is to give an answer that doesn’t underscore your value. While defining your weakness or weaknesses, you can mention things which aren’t that important for the company and doesn’t reflect the main task for which you’re being hired. For example, while giving an interview for an HR job, if you’re asked what’s your biggest weakness then you can reply ‘finances’. It’s quite obvious that finances don’t have much to do with HR field and you getaway through a safe reply.

  • Tip Number #3 – Tell Them How You Defeated Your Weaknesses

Prepare in advance for this and explain the interviewers on how you overcame your previous failures or weaknesses. Don’t elaborate much and never tell them that you’re still working on those areas of concern. Make a good impression on the interviewing panel and make them believe that you strive to improve your weak areas.

  • Tip Number #4 – Avoid Preparing A Similar Explanation

It’s quite obvious that you’re willing to be fully prepared for every common & expected question in the interview, especially the one which is about your weaknesses. Contemplate on your weaknesses before the interview, but try not to rehearse a reply. This should be done to make it look like that you gave an answer instantly and aren’t speaking anything rehearsed before. Go with the flow!

  • Tip Number #5 – Talk About Work-Related Weaknesses Only

Ensure that all your answers are related to the job you’re interviewing for, especially answer related to your weakness. For example, you’re giving interview for a human resources job and the interviewer asks about your weakness. It will be extremely inappropriate that instead of giving an answer related to human resources, you reply sports (or anything else) as your weakness. Try to stay focused and ensure that your replies are related to the job for which you’re giving the interview.

Top 5 Tips On How To Talk About Your Weakness In A Job Interview