Why & How To Engage Employees More Effectively

Worker engagement is not just something talked about by the Human Resources managers in meeting rooms as it has advanced to transform into the core business issue. The immediate impact of worker engagement on a company can be found in all sectors that influence business greatly, such as:

  • Profits/Revenues: Maximising investments in worker engagement by 10% can enhance revenues by more than two thousand dollars approx per worker, every year.
  • Efficiency/Productivity: Workers who are highly engaged are 40% more inclined to have above-average efficiency.
  • Development: Businesses that have engaged employees beat their competitors (who don’t have engaged employees) by 200%.
  • Decreased Turnover: Businesses that execute standard worker feedback have turnover rates that are 15% lower than for workers who get no feedback.
  • Reduced Absenteeism: Excellent work engagement results in 40% lower Absenteeism, 50% less security occurrences, and 39% less quality defects.


In this article, we have incorporated 7 drivers that clearly identify with better worker engagement. This will surely help your business to grow in the right direction. So, what are you waiting for? Read on.


1. Concentrate On Strategy


According to a recent study, just around 30% of business pioneers have a worker engagement strategy, which is reason for problems. Associations that have embraced worker engagement methodologies once don’t really invest their energy attempting to raise engagement levels across the board or to recognise lowering score areas to enhance them. This prompts an exceptional decrease in the engagement level in some years. Therefore, system should be placed and followed right from the start.


2. Find Out Ways To Engage Millennial Workforce


Almost around half of workers are disengaged and around 20% are effectively disengaged. While withdrawing workers sleepwalk as the day progressed, effectively non-engaged workers will probably spread negative thoughts in the office.


Aside from this, you also need to understand Millennial (people reaching young adulthood around the year 2000), as they make a substantial part of the workforce, and of course are just going to increase in number in your office with time. Disappointment with working environment regularly drives workers to leave their job.


3. Concentrate on Leadership


In a recent survey, it has been found that near about 4 in 5 (75%) of Millennial hoping to leave their job in the next 2 years are not happy with how their leadership abilities are growing.


A Report in 2016 gathered reactions from more than 10,000 Human Resource and business pioneers from 100 nations to discover culture and engagement were the major difficulties confronted by Human Resource pioneers all around. Albeit 75% of companies consider an engagement as a major need, however just 20% of employees think that their companies are “highly prepared” to manage engagement issues.


This oddity emerges from a variety of issues such as:

  • At least once in a year measuring engagement levels
  • Identical engagement methodology for everybody;
  • Making group level info on engagement.


4. Give Importance To Company Culture


A recent report stated that around 80% of people who took survey think that culture in a company is a potential upper hand. However, just 15% of organisations thought that they’re having the right culture.


Although human resource pioneers do refer to culture as a noteworthy concern, then why aren’t they ready to make it right? Here are the reasons which were highlighted in this report:

  • Absence of understanding, knowledge and models for culture
  • Absence of confidence in the authoritative values
  • Absence of upgrades and updates
  • Absence of high quality HR software


5. Ensuring That Development & Learning Is A Priority


Understanding opportunities were among the biggest driver of workers engagement and solid office culture. Around, 80% of managers rate learning as vital or crucial.


6. Making Managers Answerable/Accountable


Remember, disengaged managers are the ones who influence disengaged employees, while, teams drove by managers who concentrate on their shortcomings are 30% more averse to be engaged.


Companies should put resources into their pioneers and managers, and make them responsible for guaranteeing engagement by:

  • Making a culture of learning
  • Having clear expectations and objectives
  • Giving immediate and general feedback/criticism
  • Empowering advancement/innovation
  • Monitoring workers’ day by day needs & development.


7. Giving Priority To Feedback/Criticism


Collection of feedback is important to discover areas that would get the most benefits of growth and what needs an immediate attention. In a recent study, it was found that 30% of employees agree that the feedback they get helps them to improve their work in a better way.

Why & How To Engage Employees More Effectively

Master These Job Interview Questions To Achieve Success (Part 2)

We have discussed 5 questions which you need to prepare for your job interview. Here are 5 new questions you need to master before your job interview.


  • Question  – Are You Giving Interviews To Other Companies Right Now?


Do whatever it takes not to give a lot of emphasis in this question and answer quickly. A basic yes and saying that you’re considering all the opportunities will be helpful. You can choose to say that this specific job is your first preference. Keep in mind, being honest is an excellent approach. Don’t lie and say that you’re interviewing at other companies if you’re not.


  • Question  – What Can You Do For This Company?


While you’re preparing & planning for the interview, consider how you prove to be beneficial at the position and what steps you would take to accomplish that. Get new thoughts and ideas related to what you have done before that has profited your past organisations. It will be an excellent answer, if you can make the organisation to visualise the things you could do for them in the first 15 days of your job. Be particular about what you’d get a kick out of the chance to achieve, so it’s more credible and amazing. To make it look more believable and impressive, you need to be specific about what you’d like to accomplish.


  • Question  – Why Did You Leave Your Current Job?


It’s reasonable if you’re laid off from your company due to the rough economy. You don’t need to share every detail, however you ought to be honest and say that your organisation needed to relinquish a particular number of individuals or the division was being rebuilt. If you’re leaving the job due to a negative circumstance, make sure not to say anything bad about your old organisation or manager as it would surely look bad. You can concentrate on the way that you’re searching for development and that you feel this organisation (in which you’re now giving interviews) is growing in the right direction.


  • Question  – Do You Have Any Questions For The Interviewer?


Asking good queries can uncover a ton of your identity and can be the most vital part of the meeting. Take some time into making exceptionally individual, thoroughly considered queries that need more than a “yes” or “no” reply. For example, if you’ve applied for an HR job, then ask them details about the HR software they use. Try not to make questions that appear to be too obvious and that make you look like as if you’ve got the position. Try not to concentrate on salary, benefits, and promotion. Concentrate more on what you can accomplish for the organisation and not what the organisation can accomplish for you. Utilise your own experience to figure out how many queries are appropriate.


  • Question  – Were You Involved In Any Conflict In Your Previous Office & How You Resolved It?


You need to be very careful while answering this question, while ensuring that your reply and tone doesn’t sounds negative. You should talk positively as it will show that you can handle conflicts easily. Discuss an issue you had to face (not the one created by you), and how you resolved the problem.

Master These Job Interview Questions To Achieve Success (Part 2)

Master These Job Interview Questions To Achieve Success (Part 1)

Preparing for a job interview? Here are the top questions you need to prepare before going for an interview.


  • Question #1 – Tell Me About Yourself


It is one of the most common, yet an important question, which is asked by the interviewer in almost every job interview. You need to provide them a small summary of your identity as a person and show how positive you are. Try not to start speaking about your personal life. Discuss highlights from schooling or employment positions and how you can add to the organisation with your experience and encounters.


Recognise what the organisation is searching for. In the event that it gives emphasis to specialized skills, then show them first. Showcase the qualities required for the job you’re interviewing for. Prior to the meeting, record a few remarkable accomplishments, and make sure to discuss them with confidence.


  • Question #2 – What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?


Consider what others have said in regards to you when you’re attempting to make a list of your qualities and strengths. Give examples to always back the strengths you have written. Choose qualities that adjust to the organisation’s culture and objectives. In case you’re applying at a start-up company, highlight your capacity to take initiative and multitasking.


The most essential element while picking qualities to highlight is to ensure they identify with the position you’re applying for. For instance, in case you’re applying for a HR position, discuss your interpersonal abilities; also have knowledge about latest HR software. The weakness question is often quite difficult to answer. Avoid giving a typical answer and don’t say anything personal. Ensure that you also prepare your answer on how to tackle those weaknesses.


  • Question #3 – What Salary Are You Expecting?


It’s not necessary to answer this question in the interview, and you can attempt to redirect this question until you’ve gotten an offer. You can even tell the interviewers that you want to discuss salary only when you’re sure that you’ll be getting the job.


  • Question #4 – Why Do You Want To Work For Us?


By using social media websites, especially LinkedIn, you can have an idea about the basics of the company in which you’re applying for the job. In the event that you know workers at the organisation, enquire as to whether they can tell you how the company works? Get an idea about company culture and its basic objectives. These things will help you to answer questions like ‘Why Do You Want to Work for Us?’


  • Question #5 – Where Do You See Yourself In A Few Years?


Consider how you can push ahead of the position you wanted the most. Find the natural track of your career and customise your response according to it. Don’t point out to an extent where you make yourself resemble a bad applicant. Also, don’t discuss your personal plans.

Master These Job Interview Questions To Achieve Success (Part 1)

How To Avoid Cases Of Sexual Harassment In Your Company

Accomplishing whatever you could to stop sexual harassment and molestation can prove to be highly beneficial for your business as it provides protection to workers and your company. The Australian Laws simply make it completely illegal to harass or molest a job candidate or worker because of their gender.Harassment

Generally, workplace sexual harassment or molestation incorporates unwanted touching or sexual comments, demands for sexual favours, or any other verbal or physical harassment that has sexual overtones. Remember, if your company tolerates molestation, it’s in danger of penalties and lawsuits.

You need to ensure that your department of Human Resources works efficiently to report and mange any case of sexual harassment in your company.

Here are some steps that you must take in order to avoid cases of sexual harassment and molestation in your company.

1. Create A Strong Anti-Harassment Policy In Your Office

Every business owner must have a strict anti-harassment policy in their company. Once you have it, incorporate info concerning discrimination, sexual harassment and molestation. You can even incorporate a policy that deals with consensual and intimate relationships between your employees. Several policies embody specifications concerning what’s prohibited, intimation, propositions, innuendoes, lewd remarks, bullying others and showing any obscene graphic materials.

2. Provide Training To Employees

In order to educate employees, you can set up a temporary training program at your office. This program will tell them what type of behaviour is and isn’t acceptable in your office, and what workers do in various types of situations. Train the human resources manager and supervisor in your company so that they can recognise and eliminate cases molestation, and how to defend workers from it. Offer info what workers should if they’re facing or witness molestation.

3. Don’t Forget To Stop Same-Sex Harassment

In the past, same-sex harassment used to go simply unmarked, but nowadays there has been a rise in same-sex harassment complaints. Additionally, it’s vital to keep in mind that male and females could also be the culprit or the victim. Be clear that all types of molestation are unacceptable at your organisation.

4. Suit Your Actions To Your Words

Taking action on cases of molestation could involve a cultural change at your organisation. However, you ought to make it very clear to workers that molestation will not be accepted at all. Improper actions have a risk not only on themselves but also to the reputation of the company. Ensure that the workers who have been harassed feel safe to report their case to the right authority in your company.

5. Be Aware Of The Risks Involved

Majority of molestation cases are usually settled out of court, however those that head to trial may prove to be quite expensive. Settlements typically reach high figures, even before legal expenses are paid. So, don’t neglect the importance of having a strong anti-harassment policy at your office.

How To Avoid Cases Of Sexual Harassment In Your Company

The Art Of Attracting Talented Job Candidates

Small businesses have a nasty record once it involves their ability to draw in and maintain top-notch staff and workers. Typical knowledge recommends that the best employees can follow the cash path to the entrance of the massive companies, and thus leaving small businesses to accept whoever is left behind. However, this can be avoided with the help of best HR solutions.

If money were the sole issue, then the standard knowledge would not be far away as small businesses merely can’t compete with the worker buying power of their bigger competitors. Although, the good news is that monetary earnings isn’t the sole issue. There are many other non financial factors you can use to build your small business look extra engaging to potential staff and workers.

  • Offer Flexibility

Small businesses are sometimes rather more versatile with their staff than bigger companies. The massive firms are based on organization. They use systems to stay the business afloat, and therefore workers are left with very little space for flexibility on a personal level.

However, this situation can be changed in a small business which can offer flexibleness and relationship perspective with potential staff. In some situations you may be able to get success in hiring the first-rate workers who don’t want to work in rigid big organisations.

  • Show Responsibility

Small businesses additionally supply the benefit of having the ability to give staff with additional responsibility and additional vital roles within the company. This can be particularly engaging to career-oriented beginners and extra mobile staff who have an interest in obtaining expertise immediately.

However, if you’re about to play the ‘more responsibility’ option to bring higher quality staff and workers, then you should be aware with the drawback. It’s true that small businesses can give their staff larger responsibility and expertise, but some people might find it harder to reach the top in a small business for the reason that your business has less to offer compared to bigger companies.

  • Exhibit Values

Usually you would have noticed that huge firms have a reputation for being insensitive, sterile and valueless. On the other hand, smaller firms are considered as being the home ground for values like family and community. Besides that small businesses are nearly always ready to connect staff with the corporate success in real and sensible ways, particularly once the staff can see themselves as a part of that success story. With your prospective candidates discuss your company’s values. Also, let them know how they can play a major role in shaping the company’s future.

Final Thoughts: Small businesses have lots to offer to their employees. With better HR solutions, you can manage your relations with the employees in a much better manner.

The Art Of Attracting Talented Job Candidates

Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Choose Cloud HR

By now, there’s a high chance that most of the business firms have got news about the cloud. Some of its variants are cloud storage, cloud computing, public clouds, non-public clouds etc. In fact, several business firms are utilising the cloud in some way or another and sometimes even fail to realize that they using it.

It won’t be an exaggerated statement if we say that the cloud business is surely taking the business world by storm.

As far as HR (human resources) is concerned, the cloud-based HR software is simply sensible. Utilising a cloud-based HR software helps to reduce the intensity of many issues related to a developing business and its parallel developing HR requirements.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons why you should consider using cloud-based HR software. Have a look.

  • Enhanced Flexibility And Mobility Of Business Operations

Perhaps the best advantage about choosing cloud-based HR software is that the capability to acquire work related data or information from any gadget, anywhere, at any time. Going for cloud-based HR solutions empowers workers, plain and easy, by providing them additional flexibility to access data.

Most significantly, the cloud-based HR solutions get rid of the loads of work related to the usual Human resources department. Workers can instantly and simply request days off, update personal data, right from their devices. Isn’t that becomes too easy to enter information? Oh yes!

  • Incredible Execution And Innovation

It’s time to say adieu to the days when you used to go to and fro with business partners, consultants and client service. With cloud computing, execution becomes fast and painless. Additionally, because of open APIs, several cloud-based HR software are created to merge with applications already in use. This end up making execution stress free and it won’t obstruct daily business.

Apart from saving time and cash on execution of the cloud, cloud computing additionally saves time and cash once it involves innovation. Automatic system upgrades and updates help cloud-based HR software to remain innovative and more & more helpful.

  • Data & Information Is Safe Getting Hosted Properly And Carefully

Do you think that cloud-based HR solutions should inhabit on the Internet? Do you think the benefits are worth the risks? These queries still trouble business owners who are still apprehensive about cloud-based HR solutions. However, when it comes to choosing cloud-based HR software, price has been overshadowed by security and information privacy.

The security of a company’s human resource information comes right down to the firm hosting that information. These firms have policies and procedures that secure their information and infrastructure. Together with the correct host, the cloud-based HR software is the best thing for your business.

Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Time To Choose Cloud HR

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

A famous writer once said that the world is a filled with cruel people. It’s true that many people often face bullies at some point in their life. There’s no shortage of bullies in offices also. These bullies will gossip and spread rumours about you, embarrass you, or intimidate you. Report it to the human resources department, if someone is bullying you in your company.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

Apart from reporting non-violent office bullying, you can do these things:


  • Take Advice Of A Trusted Senior


There must be someone senior in your office with whom you feel comfortable to talk. There’s also a chance that the senior might have faced a similar situation in his or her early days in the office. He or she can give you insights on how to tackle the problem in a better way or what type of response would be ideal for your problem. If the senior suggest reporting to the human resources department, then do that immediately.


  • Try Not To Involve Too Many Co-Workers


It’s not true that every co-worker will understand your problems. When they see what’s going around then they will form their own opinions about the whole issue. Many co-workers will listen to you and even offer assistance, but others won’t acknowledge your problem.


In many cases, it’s not that your co-workers (who opt to stay away) are bad, but it’s just that they aren’t willing to get involved. There’s also a chance that some of your co-workers choose to stay silent because they don’t want to seek attention of your bully on themselves. Don’t get worried if such thing happens, everybody has the choice to make their own decisions.


  • Don’t Be Afraid & Directly Confront The Bully


Gather all your strength and confront the bully directly. However, if there’s any physical danger involved, then avoid this approach. Try confronting your bully, if you are sure he or she won’t harm you. Ensure that you keep the whole confronting process totally professional. Don’t yell or threaten him/her as it will gather support for bully, just stay calm. Put it in plain and simple words that you won’t be taking the bullying anymore. Ensure that you sound bold, confident and make a good eye contact.


  • Don’t Allow Your Bully To Get In Your Mind


Knowingly or unknowingly, the aim of your bully is to destroy your self-esteem and intimidate you extremely. There’s a high chance that your bully targets you because he or she sees you as a potential threat to their own position. By intimidating you, he or she tries to weaken your position, just don’t let that happen at all.


  • Ensure Your Superior Knows That You’re Doing A Good Job At Work


One of the main aims of office bullies is to make their targets look bad in front of others, especially their bosses. So, ensure that your superiors or boss knows that you’re doing an excellent work in the office as it will make your position more strong if problems between you and your bully escalate.


If you can’t handle the bullying in your office, then simply report the whole issue to the human resources department of your company.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

5 Fun Facts About Human Resources Office Culture

Every corporate sector has its moments of fun and Human Resources are no different. Here are top tips that will help you to make your human resources job fun and enjoyable. Have a look.

  • What Colour You Should Wear For An Interview

Expert Psychologists have made a research to find out which colour is best to wear for an interview. They found out that

  • Blue colour is considered as soothing for the eyes and creates an impression that you are trustworthy. Also, majority of people choose to wear blue colour clothes for their interview.
  • Black and grey are neutral in nature and considered as a good option for clothes. Both of these colours also provide a high element of professionalism and are perfect for an interview in corporate industry.
  • Choosing green or brown will give off a feeling of creativity, so choose these colours if interviewing to get a job at a fresh and more dynamic business.
  • How To Find Out If A Person Is Lying

See their body language as everyone has a unique one. While they’re replying to your question, their body may be reflecting something totally different. Liars usually display these actions:

  • prolonged eye contact
  • anxious arm and hand movements
  • restless body movements
  • a rub of the nose,
  • speak slowly but firmly
  • Best Time Of The Day To Give An Interview

At the start or the end of the day is often considered as the best time of the day to have an interview. The person taking interview usually remembers the first and last people he/she had interviewed during the day. You may have to work a bit harder to make a good and long lasting impression on the interviewer, if your interview has been scheduled for lunchtime.

  • How Much Time We Have To Make A First Impression

Expert Psychologists say that we only have 5 minutes to make a good first impression. In most of the cases, you’ll be spending this time in greetings and introductions that clearly reflects how crucial it is to make a long lasting impression. Ensure you rehearse greetings and small talk, before any interviews or social settings. Portray a friendly body language, practice a firm handshake and don’t forget to smile.

  • What’s The Right Time To Ask For A Raise?

Morning time is often considered as the right time to ask your boss for pay hikes. Talk to your boss about salary increase after he/she has their coffee or any other morning routine work. Seek an undivided attention of your boss and don’t ask them for salary hike when they’re either eating, leaving the office or about to attend a meeting.

HR software is an excellent way to reduce the pressure of HR management and it makes the workflow easy and hassle free. HR software can work wonders for the growth of your company.

5 Fun Facts About Human Resources Office Culture

Top Tips For HR Careers

Jobs or position in the corporate sector is all about having an appropriate working schedule, have a good deal of employee to operate with, finalise variety of deals, and largely hiring the correct individuals. Well, this type of task description fits human resource (HR) which is an established and most necessary thing to consider in any organisation or business.

Hence employment in human resources offer a whole lot of solutions, pay good amount of money, in addition it also evokes job gratification, so you might be eager to operate at scheduled time and know the best solution to resolve issues that may appear from time to time.

Obviously, you will undertake some schooling or training before joining. To make an organisation or a big company run easily a Human Resources staff’s duty stays the most important one. It is mostly due to the management, co-ordination, selecting the appropriate prospect at an interview, which means good recruitment etc. All these fall under the human resource department.

HR careers can be defined as the facet of entering by means of human performance or habits. Therefore, HR department should have a smarter and sharper HR advisor to find out and decide on which individuals are right for selection. In case you have it in on your own, certainly with the assistance of the proper degree, Human Resources can deliver amazing results.

  • Understanding HR Careers

To locate work, human resources use a straight forward technique. The tactic used by your own personal institution or management faculty in which you have studied Human Resources as a subject, and if you have performed well in the exams then getting a good job is not difficult after all.

Intelligence, capacity to grasp more number of men and women in a short timeframe will be needed very often. You can find your self put through job placement brokers, or applying online for jobs in various multinational companies. You can find several HR careers platform on the net so find out the best way to achieve your goals by working on terms that suit you the most.

There’s a low chance that a high post will be given to you in a corporation you have just joined. Keep in mind you should work your way up, to reach the managerial posts. While the interview is going on, what you will need to continue to keep in mind is to always have positive effects on HRs, since that will be particularly your job if you get selected.

Subtlety and smartness ought to be demonstrated, so you must comprehend and logic. HR careers are in loads commonly, and all of it relies on how you perceive it.

Top Tips For HR Careers