Master These Job Interview Questions To Achieve Success (Part 1)

Preparing for a job interview? Here are the top questions you need to prepare before going for an interview.


  • Question #1 – Tell Me About Yourself


It is one of the most common, yet an important question, which is asked by the interviewer in almost every job interview. You need to provide them a small summary of your identity as a person and show how positive you are. Try not to start speaking about your personal life. Discuss highlights from schooling or employment positions and how you can add to the organisation with your experience and encounters.


Recognise what the organisation is searching for. In the event that it gives emphasis to specialized skills, then show them first. Showcase the qualities required for the job you’re interviewing for. Prior to the meeting, record a few remarkable accomplishments, and make sure to discuss them with confidence.


  • Question #2 – What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?


Consider what others have said in regards to you when you’re attempting to make a list of your qualities and strengths. Give examples to always back the strengths you have written. Choose qualities that adjust to the organisation’s culture and objectives. In case you’re applying at a start-up company, highlight your capacity to take initiative and multitasking.


The most essential element while picking qualities to highlight is to ensure they identify with the position you’re applying for. For instance, in case you’re applying for a HR position, discuss your interpersonal abilities; also have knowledge about latest HR software. The weakness question is often quite difficult to answer. Avoid giving a typical answer and don’t say anything personal. Ensure that you also prepare your answer on how to tackle those weaknesses.


  • Question #3 – What Salary Are You Expecting?


It’s not necessary to answer this question in the interview, and you can attempt to redirect this question until you’ve gotten an offer. You can even tell the interviewers that you want to discuss salary only when you’re sure that you’ll be getting the job.


  • Question #4 – Why Do You Want To Work For Us?


By using social media websites, especially LinkedIn, you can have an idea about the basics of the company in which you’re applying for the job. In the event that you know workers at the organisation, enquire as to whether they can tell you how the company works? Get an idea about company culture and its basic objectives. These things will help you to answer questions like ‘Why Do You Want to Work for Us?’


  • Question #5 – Where Do You See Yourself In A Few Years?


Consider how you can push ahead of the position you wanted the most. Find the natural track of your career and customise your response according to it. Don’t point out to an extent where you make yourself resemble a bad applicant. Also, don’t discuss your personal plans.

Master These Job Interview Questions To Achieve Success (Part 1)

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