How To Get Successful Mid-Year Performance Reviews

A recent research has revealed that most corporations go for annual evaluations of performance. However, by giving staff feedback a lot early will result in making the method easier and simpler.

Have a look at these top tips for the best mid-year performance reviews.

  • Begin The Procedure With A Well Thought Plan

Before the process, you need to review past performance set ups to ascertain if there’s a current issue that requires a lot more effective improvement set up, like a 1 or 2 month plan which works on simply that aspect and needs solid, efficient improvement or go for stronger consequences.

In cases, there aren’t any issues with the performance, merely define areas the worker ought to specialise in to develop on the professional front, and then make goals with the worker throughout the review. Your review work can become a lot easier with the right selection of HR solutions for your company.

  • Have A Wide Outlook

Reviews ought to specialise in different aspects of performance, which might embrace their knowledge base, attendance feedback, how well the worker coexists with others, how they finish allotted project, whether or not they take initiative, skills of time management and the other performance metrics you wish to include. You need to evaluate every performance metric on an individual basis and take notes on areas that have the biggest scope of improvement.

  • Be Specific

Usually, you’re ready for the performance review by making notes regarding the worker’s performance since the last review. Following the performance, whether good or not implies that you wish to be making notes or writing down log frequently during the performance time period. With specific facts and examples regarding a worker’s performance makes it a lot easier for the worker to get a better idea about your point of view.

  • Make Documents For Everything

Remember, any performance review made by you ought to be documented properly. In case, the mid-year review is being considered as a checkpoint for the worker, by documenting the whole review will give a straightforward reference for future action. Maintain mid-year review documents, forms and rankings with your annual review process. Your workers might get confused due to inconsistent reviews.

Keep in mind that such documents that track the performance of an employee over time, may prove to be quite important just in case of a termination. A correct, objective method makes sure that everybody is on the same page.

  • Stay Supportive

 Discuss the points where the worker is performing well, and then talk about what must be done for improvement. Make your best effort to stay away from negative words like ‘deficiencies.’ By showing the workers that there are ways for improvement and you want to assist them can build the method open and supportive. You can make the mid-year performance review effective by being friendly but factual. Your solutions team can help you to achieve these goals.

How To Get Successful Mid-Year Performance Reviews

The Best Plan For Choosing A Payroll Company

Generally, people might not think that there are a lot of things which goes into selecting a payroll company. You have also considered them to be all identical, right? It’s quite possible that you will not notice the importance currently, but it’s a call that may have a great effect on your company’s monetary future. With so many choices available nowadays, you ought to be able to find a service that’s good for your business.

Here are some recommendations that will assist you a better decision while choosing a payroll service for your business.

  • Understand What You Wish, Understand What You Do Not Want

Payroll firms supply a wide range of payroll services. It’s vital to pay for what you want and don’t sign up for services that aren’t concerned with your business, industry, estate, etc. Several corporations have policies of ‘excessive-serving’ their clients as a way of boosting their own business. Do not allow your company to fall for this trick.

  • You need to make sure that payroll service you’re hiring has good experience in managing the ‘big 3’, which incorporates:
    • On time payment of your payroll taxes
    • On time payment of your workers
    • Payroll tax forms filing before the last date arrives.
  •  What Will Be Your Monthly Cost?

The answer for this question may vary from company to company and depends on the firm you select, also on the level of service you need and the number of staff you have got. It’s vital to understand precisely what proportion you may end up paying for every month as it will enable you to take into account this expense.

With these 3 excellent tips, you may notice that it is easier to find the right payroll company for your business.

If you don’t have much knowledge about payroll and you’re not sure of what you should do, then it’s vital to gather the maximum amount of data & info as possible. Do that by asking these questions:

  • What type of reputation does the payroll company have among clients?
  • Who’ll be made liable if a mistake is done?
  • How the payroll service provider is planning to deliver updates and reports from the?
  • Will there be any changes in the monthly/annual fee?
  • What type of data & info will the payroll service company want access to?
  • Would I be paying for an account representative or I’ll running online payroll myself?

As you get answers of these questions, you’ll become a lot sure that what you need from the payroll service company. Therefore, follow these tips properly to achieve new heights for your business.

The Best Plan For Choosing A Payroll Company

The Latest Trends in The World Of Payroll

With ever evolving technology, it has become quite important for small businesses to run parallel with the most recent trends and enhancements. Meeting developments in the world of payroll is one necessary example.

payroll Saas

Your company has many options of approaches to fulfil this important business accounting requirement:

  • Utilising payroll software system with in-house workers
  • Utilising payroll service online, also known as Payroll SaaS

The temptation of hiring an outside company, of course, is full of convenience however the negative aspect is the cost. It’s one of the most high-priced possibilities and the need to supply information to the payroll supplier still needs employees’ time. However, these things can be easily subsided if you find the payroll service that offers high quality work within your budget. It’s all about how much you’re willing to find a company that suits your needs.

A commonly used approach by many companies is traditional software when it comes to payroll. No doubt, payroll software is far less costly than outsourced payroll. However, it can prove a bit difficult to keep software up-to-date with the most recent tax laws and this can be an area of concern.

If you are failing to stay up with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) law, you’re on your own to face the government in order to resolve any notices or penalties. Additionally, software system needs employees’ time to enter the information and the entry should mostly be done at the workplace. However, these problems will go away once you choose the best payroll software – Preceda.

Payroll SaaS provides multiple benefits compared to traditional software, together with price, convenience and simple and certain compliance with ATO tax rules. An honest payroll SaaS can save almost half the price of traditional software.

Payroll processing with a SaaS has become easier than ever:

  • Login to a safe website and provide workers’ payroll information for the time period
  • Ensure the data you entered is right
  • Just approve the payroll

After that the payroll can cut and file all the relevant payroll taxes and pay staff by direct deposit, or deliver self-print pay checks for managers. During the right quarterly and annual intervals, ATO forms are filed automatically. The major advantage of online payroll is that the payroll is filed anytime which is quite convenient. All you need is a PC and an internet connection.

Employees’ time is cut notably and transferred to convenient times. The online payroll service can incorporate any changes related to tax laws seamlessly into a software system. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with the ATO’s ever-changing rule book.

The Latest Trends in The World Of Payroll

Why Payroll SaaS And HR SaaS Should Be Used By Businesses?

While some of us have seen, heard or even used ‘payroll SaaS ‘ or ‘HR SaaS’, many people still don’t understand what it means. We can still consider cloud computing to be comparatively new and there’s no doubt that it is gradually gaining acceptance all over the world. The key to larger adoption may be a higher understanding of how cloud computing works and the benefits it brings for businesses of all sizes.

payroll Saas

  • What Is Payroll SaaS And HR SaaS?

In order to get a better idea about SaaS (which means Software as a Service), initially it becomes necessary for you to grasp how software has been distributed over the past few decades. Throughout the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s, people who wished to get a software program for his or her PC would visit a local store which deal in electronics, and then pick it from the shelf and carry it back home in order to install it, or in some cases people used to order it through the mail and install it once they received it.

However, by the late 2000s a large number of individuals were downloading different types of software from websites and installing in their PCs.

The establishment and growth of the web changed the software distribution model. Quicker and a more dependable web connections mixed with increased PC processing power ushered an era where software can be easily delivered over the web in the type of a service, without any requirement to visit a store, order software by mail or perhaps download and install from any website.

With Payroll SaaS, after buying a software program, you’ll directly sign into the service and start using it, and the best part about this service is that it is accessible from any device which is connected to the internet.

  • Benefits Of Payroll SaaS And HR SaaS

There are numerous remarkable advantages which businesses can gain from Payroll SaaS and HR SaaS. One of the major benefits is that the software package can be instantly obtainable from service providers to any company that is willing to pay and has proper access to the web.

There’s simply no need to visit the local computer shop or wait days (sometimes weeks) for the software to arrive through mail order. SaaS is very essential for payroll and HR as it offers them efficient, streamlined and a lot of easier ways to handle, track and process worker records. However, as this model is still considered to be new, it becomes quite important for SaaS service providers to deliver the best client service.

Final Thoughts: With rapidly evolving business world, it becomes quite apparent for you to choose payroll SaaS and HR SaaS for your business, no matter how big or small your business is.

Why Payroll SaaS And HR SaaS Should Be Used By Businesses?

5 Reasons That Will Convince You To Use Outsourced Payroll Service

Many organisations are looking forward to payroll services to transfer the executive burden of paying the workers. However, outsourcing payroll is not only a relief; it is additionally a wise business call. Let’s take a look at 5 Reasons to choose an outsourced payroll.

outsourced payroll service

Businesses of every size are identifying the worth of outsourced payroll to an external payroll service provider.

Here are the top reasons to use an outsourced payroll service. Have a look.

  • Cost

Majority of businesses, especially small businesses with less than twenty workers can save a good amount of money by outsourcing payroll management. Experts’ advices to add up the amount of time the internal staff spends on payroll and evaluate the value to the corporate. Embrace the value of printing and giving checks, making tax documents, bookkeeping and accounting. In the majority of situations, payroll service is going to supply the service for quite less, as they work at high volume, use refined payroll software, and implement best practices.

  • Productivity

Opting for the outsourced payroll frees up in-house employees to concentrate on core functions that enhance the business. Small business owners particularly appreciate the liberty to concentrate on what matters most. Many experts observe that by specialising in what you are doing best and leaving the remainder to an experienced individual, you’ll be able to give longer time to grow and manage your company. Payroll service workers are generally able to finish payroll management a lot faster because they have vast experience, volume, and payroll software.

  • Accountability

Payroll is followed by strong rules and regulations of Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Outsourcing payroll functions generally transfer responsibility for legal compliance onto the payroll service provider. A recent report revealed that more than 30% of small businesses are penalised by the ATO every year due to improper filing of their payroll taxes. Payroll corporations won’t allow penalty charges to happen in late or inaccurate submission. Many firms even offer guarantees for their work.

  • Legal Compliance

Remember, a payroll service has the experience and resources to complete payroll work properly. While considering legal compliance, payroll service keeps pace with complex, ever changing legislation and tax obligations related to payroll. Organisations can rely on the payroll service to keep an eye on filing deadlines and create timely and correct deposits.

  • Excellent Payroll Service

Payroll service providers have a natural advantage compared to in-house department in offering high quality service. However, crucial aspects, like expertise, access to payroll technology, and volume play an important role here. Staff of your company can expect correct, timely, and the best check from a payroll company. They might get access to premium payroll services like a self-service online coverage portal and direct deposit.

5 Reasons That Will Convince You To Use Outsourced Payroll Service

What Makes HR Software Implementation So Important?

If your company is planning to implement new HR software which can manage things like recruiting, payroll, scheduling or workforce management, then you should have a better idea about analysing features, pricing, and system requirements. You must understand that the implementation of HR software is just as crucial as the features it will offer.

HR Software

Here are a few important things you should know about HR software implementation. Have a look.

How HR Software Implementation Happens?

Here are some of the steps you can expect while HR software is getting implemented.

  • A Proper Project Plan
  • Effective Installation
  • Customised Configuration
  • Safe Data Conversion
  • Expert Training
  • Reliable Parallel Processing and Then Simply Go Live

The Importance Of Implementation

One of the most important aspects you’ll come across during the HR software implementation is proper training. It’s quite crucial to ensure that the system administrators, IT experts, managers and the owners of the company must learn how to use the system.

You’ll come to know that how well the software will work for your company during the implementation. While the process is going on, HR software implementation expert will configure the software for your company, after considering your business rules and processes.

Data conversion is also included in the implementation. Proper conversion of data and info is crucial because if you’re switching from one system to another, then you’ll find that every brand of HR software sets the data up a bit differently. Proper loading of this data is quite essential because without it, there’ll be nothing in the system to work with.

  • What To Expect From The HR Software Vendor

First thing to expect is a highly detailed project plan and timeline which  figures out what it is expected from both parties and the time limit for getting the projects completed. You can expect certain deliverables within the process to make sure that the HR software implementation runs and complete smoothly. Advice on procedure for roll-out or a go live date will be provided, so you can expect patience and professionalism.

  • How To Get The Best Out Of The Implementation Process

To receive the most out of the HR software, your vendor will cooperate with you to execute it properly. However, there are a lot of other things you perform on your side as well.

  • Before making any rash decision, you must consider your goals, requirements and what you want to accomplish with the HR software you’ve chosen.
  • Try not to go for the default settings. Ask the HR software implementation specialist to customise it according tour requirements and company’s approach.
  • Ensure that you set aside a proper amount of time, which is completely dedicated to training.
What Makes HR Software Implementation So Important?

Do You Have Any Of These HR Management Skills?

While interviewing a possible candidate, Human Resource assesses the candidate to check if he/she has key skills and characteristics required for the duty. Now, let’s see what key attributes should be in HR Management.


Here are some key features that every HR department should possess. If your HR department lacks these qualities then choose an HR management system and/or to outsource human resource services. Have a look.

1. Organisation

HR Management System needs a proper systematic approach. Organised files, robust time management, and high efficiency are key factors to achieve effectiveness. You’re managing people’s careers, so when there’s a need of assistance with a recognition program or termination or a compensation recommendation, then HR Management System should deliver the best results.

2. Multitasking

On a usual human resource day, you have to deal with employee’s personal issue, an irregular leave request, and a hiring strategy for a difficult job. Not to mention the management of wage/hour, retention, social media, engagement, and loads of other things, every one important to someone. However, with effective Human Resource Services, you won’t have to worry about any of these tasks.

3. Managing The Gray Areas

An astonishingly big share of the problems you have to deal with in your company lies in the gray area. So what’s this gray area after all? It is discrimination, harassment, unreasonable accommodation, irregular leave etc. Do you have the skills to manage all these gray areas of your company effectively? If not, then go for Human Resource Services and HR Management System today!

4. Negotiation

In Human Resources, there’s always a requirement to negotiate. Mostly, there are 2 or additional opposing views, and HR professional will be able to achieve an appropriate middle ground. Keep in mind, the aim of negotiation is to get both of the parties satisfied with the result, and that’s quite hard to achieve.

5. Communication

HR‘s got to communicate with management, managers, potential workers, and to all levels of current workers. Mostly it has to be done in writing, also talking to big and small groups and, usually, through social media platforms. They need to sound credible, caring and convincing.

 6. Ethical & Discrete

Human resource managers are the conscience of the corporate, also the handlers of confidential info. While serving the wants of the management, you furthermore may monitor their activity toward workers to make sure that policies and rules are being observed. To keep the company on track, you need to push back when they aren’t in order. A difficult job to do!

7. Double Focus

Workers expect that HR professionals will support their issues; still you’re expected to enforce the policies of management. The human resources professionals who can balance this act will win the trust of all the parties involved.

Do You Have Any Of These HR Management Skills?

How To Avoid Cases Of Sexual Harassment In Your Company

Accomplishing whatever you could to stop sexual harassment and molestation can prove to be highly beneficial for your business as it provides protection to workers and your company. The Australian Laws simply make it completely illegal to harass or molest a job candidate or worker because of their gender.Harassment

Generally, workplace sexual harassment or molestation incorporates unwanted touching or sexual comments, demands for sexual favours, or any other verbal or physical harassment that has sexual overtones. Remember, if your company tolerates molestation, it’s in danger of penalties and lawsuits.

You need to ensure that your department of Human Resources works efficiently to report and mange any case of sexual harassment in your company.

Here are some steps that you must take in order to avoid cases of sexual harassment and molestation in your company.

1. Create A Strong Anti-Harassment Policy In Your Office

Every business owner must have a strict anti-harassment policy in their company. Once you have it, incorporate info concerning discrimination, sexual harassment and molestation. You can even incorporate a policy that deals with consensual and intimate relationships between your employees. Several policies embody specifications concerning what’s prohibited, intimation, propositions, innuendoes, lewd remarks, bullying others and showing any obscene graphic materials.

2. Provide Training To Employees

In order to educate employees, you can set up a temporary training program at your office. This program will tell them what type of behaviour is and isn’t acceptable in your office, and what workers do in various types of situations. Train the human resources manager and supervisor in your company so that they can recognise and eliminate cases molestation, and how to defend workers from it. Offer info what workers should if they’re facing or witness molestation.

3. Don’t Forget To Stop Same-Sex Harassment

In the past, same-sex harassment used to go simply unmarked, but nowadays there has been a rise in same-sex harassment complaints. Additionally, it’s vital to keep in mind that male and females could also be the culprit or the victim. Be clear that all types of molestation are unacceptable at your organisation.

4. Suit Your Actions To Your Words

Taking action on cases of molestation could involve a cultural change at your organisation. However, you ought to make it very clear to workers that molestation will not be accepted at all. Improper actions have a risk not only on themselves but also to the reputation of the company. Ensure that the workers who have been harassed feel safe to report their case to the right authority in your company.

5. Be Aware Of The Risks Involved

Majority of molestation cases are usually settled out of court, however those that head to trial may prove to be quite expensive. Settlements typically reach high figures, even before legal expenses are paid. So, don’t neglect the importance of having a strong anti-harassment policy at your office.

How To Avoid Cases Of Sexual Harassment In Your Company

How Managed Payroll Services Are Beneficial For Your Business

Organisations try to induce the leaner structure by streamlining their business operations. The question that business owners usually have to deal with is whether or not to keep executing tasks in-house or to outsource the operations that don’t produce revenue or add any value to main projects of the organisation.

Outsourced Payroll

Although HR and payroll were usually managed in-house before, now because of a bigger requirement for efficiencies several firms seek the advantages of outsourced payroll. Here managed payroll services come to the scene.

Here are the top 5 advantages you’ll achieve by getting managed payroll services.

  • Keep Management

Majority of business owners have concerns about outsourcing because it means a loss of control, but with managed payroll services, you continue to remain in control because the engagement is outlined and described in the contract with the service provider. With managed payroll services, you’ll choose and opt for precisely the functions that you would like to turn over, and the ones you would like to manage in-house. It’s versatile and ascendible to work with a managed services supplier. You’ll be able to define precisely what you would like the service provider to do and you’ll make sure that it gets done, without wasting a single minute on doing it yourself.

  • Risk Management & Compliance

Payroll and tax laws will always be complex and complicated. With the correct service provider, you’ll be able to get access into experience in legislation, government laws, security, and privacy so as to reduce the level of risks involved. This can prove to be particularly valuable if you own a small business and have no in-house payroll experience.

  • Increased Accuracy

When it involves payroll, you would like to make the numbers right or you’ll end up in trouble with ATO (Australian Taxation Office) and disenchant your workers. With fluctuating tax rates, different benefits and coverage offered, various time sheets and pay scales, it becomes difficult to manage it properly. However, outsourced payroll can handle them properly and promptly, every time.

  • Costs Are Controlled

In order to increase profits, you’ll be making an effort to manage costs, just like any other business owner. Managed payroll services give you the freedom you want to handle your excess expenditure and turn it into a better cost structure. This can be particularly necessary if there’s an economic downturn. When the business declines or grows, so do the service prices.

  • Save Time

When the human resource department of your company isn’t giving most valuable time on handling payroll systems, then your business automatically saves time that may be utilised on critical business functions.

Final Thoughts: You need to strategically manage the payroll process to achieve successful business functions. Here, using managed payroll services can prove to be highly useful.

How Managed Payroll Services Are Beneficial For Your Business