It’s The Right Time to Choose Cloud Computing for Payroll

‘Cloud’ is surely the latest technology buzzword which can be heard in every industry. However, what is this cloud which has got everyone so captivated? The cloud enables users to store their important data and programs on the web, which allows them access to it from anywhere at any time.

So, you own a small business, but haven’t yet started using cloud services? Well, it’s the right time to use this amazing and user-friendly technology, which can provide the much needed help to ensure the success of your business.

  • What’s Cloud Computing?

In simple words, cloud computing can be defined as storing and accessing of data on the Internet. With making users less attached or dependent on their hard drives,  the innovative cloud computing has simply revolutionised the business world, more and more small business owners are now switching to opting for cloud computing, especial to manage HR and payroll of their company.

It’s The Right Time To Choose Cloud Computing For Payroll

As long you have an internet connection, you can download or upload the critical and crucial information of your business with the help of cloud computing. This makes you more mobile and you can check the data from anywhere and can take business decisions at any time.

  • The Amazing World Of Cloud Computing

In the first place, it’s your passion and dedication for what you do so well is what makes you an entrepreneur. If you own a small business, then you must be aware with the fact that the first 5 years of any business are filled with threats and uncertainty. In the starting few years of any new business can require working for almost 7 days a week, every month of the year.

You got to have a good life-work balance, if you want to truly succeed in business. With cloud computing, you can go for vacations or leave the office early because you have access to all the important data which you need to make decisions for your business from anywhere. Cloud computing goes well for HR and payroll too!

  • Getting The Most Out Of Cloud Payroll

There’s no doubt that many small business owners hate the hassle of managing payroll and choose payroll outsourcing as a solution. Of course, payroll outsourcing is also a good option, but with cloud payroll, business owners become the masters of all the payroll and HR operations of their company.

More and more companies are choosing cloud payroll operations because nowadays everything from bank transactions to simple cash transactions can be managed by digital systems. Allow the network of computers that run the cloud to handle your payroll applications. Meanwhile, you can focus on the core business of your company. Go for cloud payroll today and see the difference it brings to your organisation.

It’s The Right Time to Choose Cloud Computing for Payroll

Top 8 Reasons Why Your Resume Gets Rejected

The worst feeling for anybody searching for a job is when they fail to get success in their expedition. Sometimes people apply for jobs (hundreds in some cases), but fail to get any response from the companies. Lucky ones sometimes get a get a letter of rejection or an email, but the majority will simply get no response from the recruiter.

Top 8 Reasons Why Your Resume Gets Rejected

Even though it seemed like everything went really well in the interview, still people fail to get a call from the employer. Some people even fail to get an interview call for the job they’ve applied. So, what mistake did you make in your job application because of which you failed to secure the interview call?

Here are the top 8 reasons why you were not selected for an interview.

  1. Did You Have The Qualifications Required For The Job? How close your qualifications match the requirements posted by the recruiter for the job? In today’s highly competitive world, usually candidates applying match or even exceed the job requirements. So, they easily secure interviews.
  1. Did you submit a complete application? Ensure that all the information required on the job application should be provided by you.
  1. Was your application mistake free? Did you write proper & correct employment dates? Did you fill the right salary amount? Have you ensured that you filled all the necessary information asked by the employer? Before scheduling interviews, some employers verify employment history of the candidates, which makes submitting the right & accurate dates highly essential.
  1. Did you work hardly to prepare your resume? Ensure that you resume showcase skills and accomplishments which are related to the job you’re targeting. Explain clearly that how you added value in your previous internships, jobs, or any other work?
  1. Have you made your resume in a well organised way, so that the most relevant points can be easily located by the HR solutions department of your employer’s company?
  1. Did you write an accurate cover letter which focused primarily on the requirements of the job you have applied for? Ensure you make it very clear in the cover letter that you have the required skills, experience and knowledge which will help you to perform well on the job, if selected.
  1. Did you submit a cover letter which was long enough to make a compelling case for you to secure interview and later the job? Did you made sure that the cover letter was not so dense that the recruiter wouldn’t even read it? Keep your letters 3 to 5 paragraphs long, with each paragraph not more than 8 lines.
  1. Did you make sure that each application document which you sent to the employers was error free and well written? Ask others (friends & family members) to review and proofread your resume and cover letter.
Top 8 Reasons Why Your Resume Gets Rejected

5 Tips To Make Better Relationships With Your Co-Workers

People often fail to recognise the fact that they spend a huge amount of time with their co-workers every day. Some workaholics don’t realise that they’re spending less time with their family and more time with their co-workers or in the office. It would be favourable for you, if you have a good relationship with your co-workers, but if you don’t, your time in office will become miserable.

5 Tips To Make Better Relationships With Your Co-Workers

If you haven’t made any friends in your office, then this is the right to do so. Good relationships with your colleagues can help you to perform better.

Here are some tips that will help you to understand how to get along better with your co-workers.

  • Start Your New Workplace Relationships With A Bang

Everyone is a bit nervous when they start a new job. Many people are worried about how they’ll make good relationships with their co-workers. If you didn’t have a good relationship with your colleagues in your previous job, then you’ll be worried about how things will turn out in the new office. Stop thinking too much on this issue and develop positivity within yourself to develop good relationships at your new office.

  • Show Respect To Your Co-Workers

It’s quite obvious that respect towards each other is one of the most important pillars for any relationship to succeed. An excellent way to show respect is to avoid saying or doing things which might affect others. Don’t do anything which your colleagues might find offensive, like taking them for granted, asking for unreasonable favours and undermining their abilities.

  • Try To Have A Good Relationship Even The Most Difficult People

Making new relationships with your friends is just like making new friends, but in a more professional way. You cannot choose who your co-worker can be and how they behave. You’ll surely find some of them quite annoying and absolutely poles apart from what you’re. However, instead of simply avoiding them, you can develop a healthy, professional relationship with them and find a way to get along with them.

  • Never Gossip Or Spread Malicious Rumours

One of the worst places for gossip is your workplace. Spreading malicious rumours about your colleagues can get them in real trouble, and remember “what goes around comes back around”. Avoid unnecessary chatting or gossiping and never share juicy bits of news about your co-workers. This will damage your image as a reliable and trustworthy person, and your colleagues will think twice before sharing anything with you.

  • Follow The Best Office Etiquette

A workplace is one the major places where you need to show your best manners. Whenever you are around your co-workers, show the best etiquettes. Try not to create disturbances for them and don’t ask for unrealistic favours. Don’t forget to use ‘Please’ & ‘Thank You’ in your conversation with your colleagues.

These tips will help you to make good relationships with the co-workers in your HR BPO office. These tips will also prove beneficial for you to handle your relationships with the HR Outsourcing service providers.

5 Tips To Make Better Relationships With Your Co-Workers

Top 6 Pros Of Outsourcing Payroll Service & Getting Payroll Software

One of the biggest challenges which are being faced by the majority of businesses today is increasing efficiency. Outsourcing of business processes, especially Payroll and human resources are being considered by more and more companies. This is happening usually because third-party providers can perform those functions more efficiently. Businesses often wonder if choosing an online payroll service is the right decision for their organisations.

Top 6 Pros Of Outsourcing Payroll Service & Getting Payroll Software

Here are top pros you should know when deciding to use online payroll service.

  1. More Cost-Effective And Highly Efficient

 Good payroll software enables you to finish payroll tasks within minutes and saves lots of time, which you can give to other important tasks of the business. You can easily calculate the salary based on hours, overtime and bonuses with the help of payroll software, while keeping track of PTO. You can use your employees to focus on the core issues, which will help your company to grow unprecedentedly.

A recent study stated that businesses that choose payroll outsourcing spend 20% less on average compared to companies that keep it in-house. Don’t forget that time is money, and payroll outsourcing is an ideal way to reclaim valuable hours.

  1. Taxes Are Filed On Time And Correctly

The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) penalises near about 1 out of 4 businesses for their errors in payroll and millions of AUD is issued in penalties related to employment taxes. Choosing payroll software or payroll outsourcing provides you an opportunity to work with tax experts and automated processes, which ensure accurate, timely and correct filing.

  1. Compliance Best Practices

Apart from tax compliance, a large number of payroll service providers can also offer assistance with labour and employment compliance through time & attendance solutions. As your business grows, you’ll notice that legal and regulatory compliance has become a lot more complex. This makes it a lot important for businesses to find a payroll service provider that can help with growth and mitigate risk involved in these areas.

  1. Speedy Access To Data And Analytics

With cloud payroll, you’ll get secure and on-the-go access, which automatically allows you to view and edit workers’ info whenever you need to. Custom reporting and analytics, dashboards are also offered by many payroll software providers so you can create all types of reports in a matter of clicks.

  1. Self-Service For Employee

One of the best things about cloud payroll is secure online access, which allows workers access to things like pay slips, time off requests and personal info. A few companies are now also offering mobile apps, so workers can get info directly on their Smartphone.

  1. Easier For Workers

A user-friendly payroll service will help workers to learn and use the services easily instead of a complex in-house process. Ease-of-use can play an important role in minimising workload for managers of a company that changes jobs every few years.

Top 6 Pros Of Outsourcing Payroll Service & Getting Payroll Software

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

A famous writer once said that the world is a filled with cruel people. It’s true that many people often face bullies at some point in their life. There’s no shortage of bullies in offices also. These bullies will gossip and spread rumours about you, embarrass you, or intimidate you. Report it to the human resources department, if someone is bullying you in your company.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying

Apart from reporting non-violent office bullying, you can do these things:


  • Take Advice Of A Trusted Senior


There must be someone senior in your office with whom you feel comfortable to talk. There’s also a chance that the senior might have faced a similar situation in his or her early days in the office. He or she can give you insights on how to tackle the problem in a better way or what type of response would be ideal for your problem. If the senior suggest reporting to the human resources department, then do that immediately.


  • Try Not To Involve Too Many Co-Workers


It’s not true that every co-worker will understand your problems. When they see what’s going around then they will form their own opinions about the whole issue. Many co-workers will listen to you and even offer assistance, but others won’t acknowledge your problem.


In many cases, it’s not that your co-workers (who opt to stay away) are bad, but it’s just that they aren’t willing to get involved. There’s also a chance that some of your co-workers choose to stay silent because they don’t want to seek attention of your bully on themselves. Don’t get worried if such thing happens, everybody has the choice to make their own decisions.


  • Don’t Be Afraid & Directly Confront The Bully


Gather all your strength and confront the bully directly. However, if there’s any physical danger involved, then avoid this approach. Try confronting your bully, if you are sure he or she won’t harm you. Ensure that you keep the whole confronting process totally professional. Don’t yell or threaten him/her as it will gather support for bully, just stay calm. Put it in plain and simple words that you won’t be taking the bullying anymore. Ensure that you sound bold, confident and make a good eye contact.


  • Don’t Allow Your Bully To Get In Your Mind


Knowingly or unknowingly, the aim of your bully is to destroy your self-esteem and intimidate you extremely. There’s a high chance that your bully targets you because he or she sees you as a potential threat to their own position. By intimidating you, he or she tries to weaken your position, just don’t let that happen at all.


  • Ensure Your Superior Knows That You’re Doing A Good Job At Work


One of the main aims of office bullies is to make their targets look bad in front of others, especially their bosses. So, ensure that your superiors or boss knows that you’re doing an excellent work in the office as it will make your position more strong if problems between you and your bully escalate.


If you can’t handle the bullying in your office, then simply report the whole issue to the human resources department of your company.

How To Deal With Workplace Bullying