5 Fun Facts About Human Resources Office Culture

Every corporate sector has its moments of fun and Human Resources are no different. Here are top tips that will help you to make your human resources job fun and enjoyable. Have a look.

  • What Colour You Should Wear For An Interview

Expert Psychologists have made a research to find out which colour is best to wear for an interview. They found out that

  • Blue colour is considered as soothing for the eyes and creates an impression that you are trustworthy. Also, majority of people choose to wear blue colour clothes for their interview.
  • Black and grey are neutral in nature and considered as a good option for clothes. Both of these colours also provide a high element of professionalism and are perfect for an interview in corporate industry.
  • Choosing green or brown will give off a feeling of creativity, so choose these colours if interviewing to get a job at a fresh and more dynamic business.
  • How To Find Out If A Person Is Lying

See their body language as everyone has a unique one. While they’re replying to your question, their body may be reflecting something totally different. Liars usually display these actions:

  • prolonged eye contact
  • anxious arm and hand movements
  • restless body movements
  • a rub of the nose,
  • speak slowly but firmly
  • Best Time Of The Day To Give An Interview

At the start or the end of the day is often considered as the best time of the day to have an interview. The person taking interview usually remembers the first and last people he/she had interviewed during the day. You may have to work a bit harder to make a good and long lasting impression on the interviewer, if your interview has been scheduled for lunchtime.

  • How Much Time We Have To Make A First Impression

Expert Psychologists say that we only have 5 minutes to make a good first impression. In most of the cases, you’ll be spending this time in greetings and introductions that clearly reflects how crucial it is to make a long lasting impression. Ensure you rehearse greetings and small talk, before any interviews or social settings. Portray a friendly body language, practice a firm handshake and don’t forget to smile.

  • What’s The Right Time To Ask For A Raise?

Morning time is often considered as the right time to ask your boss for pay hikes. Talk to your boss about salary increase after he/she has their coffee or any other morning routine work. Seek an undivided attention of your boss and don’t ask them for salary hike when they’re either eating, leaving the office or about to attend a meeting.

HR software is an excellent way to reduce the pressure of HR management and it makes the workflow easy and hassle free. HR software can work wonders for the growth of your company.

5 Fun Facts About Human Resources Office Culture

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