HR Outsourcing Trends For 2016 and Beyond

In many organisations, HR outsourcing is continuing to play an important role for a broader strategic approach to growth. A recent survey found the 6 main reasons why businesses are increasingly opting for HR Outsourcing:

  • To improve accuracy
  • To improve compliance
  • To focus on strategy
  • To save lots of money
  • To take full advantage of technology
  • To gain access to HRO expertise

HR Outsourcing

There was a time when people used to consider HR outsourcing as appropriate only for large-scale businesses. However, things have changed significantly and now HR outsourcing is increasingly seen as an important option for small businesses as well. Some of the major benefits of HR outsourcing are:

  • Excellent productivity – Instead of managing regular administrative tasks, workers can focus on more strategic operations.
  • Access to latest technology – You can use state-of-the-art equipment without having to own it.
  • Assistance From An Expert with compliance Knowledge – You can allow your HR outsourcing service provider to stay up-to-date on changing laws related to benefits regulations, hiring, and insurance claims management.

HR outsourcing helps smaller companies to grow remarkably without any need of hiring extra workforce, and provides all types of assistance in compliance issues, which helps to reduce the fear of any financial consequences that may occur because of failure to comply with employment regulations issued by government.

Here’s a quick look at the Current and Future Trends for HR Outsourcing:

  • Switching To The Cloud

Transferring all the important HR information of a company to servers and cloud has quite quickly become the standard approach for most of the business sectors. Cloud has more efficient data security processes which provide more value and can help organisations to maintain continuity in their operations. HR Outsourcing which based on cloud offers advanced analytics and reporting, and integrated workforce support and other HR operations.

  • Process Automation

Smart process automation can perform better on productivity, reduce manual back-office functions, and make employee benefits management easier by using cloud-based HR platforms.

  • Selective Outsourcing

In selective outsourcing, specific employee management operations which need specialized knowledge are outsourced by businesses while they retain other functions in-house. Selective outsourcing is ideal for compliance, candidate recruitment, non-harassment training and development of an employee manual.

  • Social Media Recruiting

Nowadays, social media recruitment and selection efforts are being increased by HR outsourcing service providers in order to get benefits from business-focused platforms.

Final Thoughts: With ever evolving needs of both employers and employees, HR outsourcing is quickly becoming the best solution for businesses that are looking for a reliable HR service provider for an overall growth. So, what do you think? Is this the right time for your business to outsource HR services?

HR Outsourcing Trends For 2016 and Beyond

Top 8 Reasons For Using Payroll Software

Here are top benefits you get by using high quality payroll software.

  • It’s Cost Effective

The most obvious and one of the best benefits of using payroll software is its cost effectiveness. There is great potential to save money, if you take control of payroll yourself and decide not to opt for a professional service, especially when you become proficient in using the software quickly and efficiently. Although there are some drawbacks with the decisions of not choosing a professional service, but these will subside once you get used to the payroll software.

  • Employee Calendars

Employee calendars which come with some payroll software solutions offer the user a very easy way to manage overtime, absences and sick leave. With only a look you can know that for how long the workers were away, how much leave they are entitled, what type of leave they are currently on, and whether they should be at work. All these things make the whole planning system quite easier.

  • Create Payslips

Many business owners often use free payroll software, but free versions cannot create payslips. On the other hand, you can easily and quickly generate payslips for your entire workforce, and with the help of templates you can ensure that the statutory minimum info is included.

  • Tax Updates

Often business owners are so much busy in their work they fail to stay aware with the latest tax updates. However, you need not to worry with payroll software as it will notify you whenever these updates happen.

  • Time Saving

For a business to manage its own payroll, it’s quite obvious that it will require extra time and extra resources. However, this is not the case with payroll software because with the help of its wide range of automated features it provides speed and efficiency in every aspect of the payroll process.

  • High Security

You can get rid of the uncertainty which arrives with the sending of private employee info to a third party by simply managing payroll in-house with payroll software. You can beef up security of your own IT systems, but with good payroll solutions you will get highest IT security standards.

  • Reminders

When a user sign into the payroll software, different types of reminders help them to prioritise important tasks which are then provided speed by the user. This process makes it a lot easier for the user to stay ahead of payslips and tax submissions.

  • Payroll Software Helps To Keep You Away From Making Mistakes

When you’re managing aspects of payroll manually, then there’s a high chance that you’ll be making numerous mistakes. However, by choosing the right payroll software, you’ll be reducing the number of mistakes remarkably. You won’t be entering the wrong information because of the comprehensive validation procedures and checks.

Top 8 Reasons For Using Payroll Software

Top 4 Payroll Myths You Should Stop Believing Now!

Payroll processing is one of the most integral parts of any business, but many business owners often neglect its importance.

A recent survey concluded that the majority of business owners find payroll taxes as the top financial and administrative burden. However, by simply outsourcing payroll, businesses can achieve multiple benefits.

Here are some of the most commonly circulated payroll myths every business owner should stop believing. Have a look.

  • Myth #1 – My Business Is Too Small For Payroll Outsourcing

No matter whether your company has one or 100 employees, as a business owner you’re still supposed to file and compensate payroll taxes. This includes an absolute compliance for how payroll tax is calculated and paid while following always changing rules, regulations and timings. As a business owner, you’re also expected to ensure that you’ve been complying with all the payroll tax laws established by the government.

  • Myth #2 – Payroll Outsourcing Is Unaffordable For Small Businesses

A recent survey showed results that every month nearly 8 hours are spend by an average business owner on payroll administration, which makes it for almost 100 hours every year.

A recent study unsurprisingly found that business owners give high value to their time. The study showed that near about one-third business owners consider every hour equal to AUD 100 and around one-fourth consider each hour equal too AUD 500. That’s lots of amount just for payroll processing. However, with payroll outsourcing this cost can be reduced significantly.

  • Myth #3 – Every Payroll Outsourcing Company Is The Same

No, every Payroll outsourcing company is not same in providing services. Of course, they offer products and services which are quite similar to each other, yet you must look for the differences before hiring one. You should be aware with the things you require and ask all the questions which are in your mind for the prospective payroll company. Look for these qualities:

  • Consult a reliable advisor
  • Get an idea about their credibility and capability
  • Search their website
  • Visit their social media profiles
  • Examine the online reviews about the company
  • Find out more about their management team
  • Search more about the value they’re offering, apart from cost-based services.
  • Myth #4: Payroll Is Not About Employees, But It’s All About The Business

A lot more is expected from employers by their employees in today’s world. They have even become more habitual in evaluating their current employer compared to other employers based on a different set of offerings. Employer-employee value relationships are constantly being assessed by employees, which mean that what is being received against what is actually provided. The moment this relationship becomes sour, the employee takes back the control and starts searching for other options to maintain the balance they want.


Top 4 Payroll Myths You Should Stop Believing Now!

5 Fun Facts About Human Resources Office Culture

Every corporate sector has its moments of fun and Human Resources are no different. Here are top tips that will help you to make your human resources job fun and enjoyable. Have a look.

  • What Colour You Should Wear For An Interview

Expert Psychologists have made a research to find out which colour is best to wear for an interview. They found out that

  • Blue colour is considered as soothing for the eyes and creates an impression that you are trustworthy. Also, majority of people choose to wear blue colour clothes for their interview.
  • Black and grey are neutral in nature and considered as a good option for clothes. Both of these colours also provide a high element of professionalism and are perfect for an interview in corporate industry.
  • Choosing green or brown will give off a feeling of creativity, so choose these colours if interviewing to get a job at a fresh and more dynamic business.
  • How To Find Out If A Person Is Lying

See their body language as everyone has a unique one. While they’re replying to your question, their body may be reflecting something totally different. Liars usually display these actions:

  • prolonged eye contact
  • anxious arm and hand movements
  • restless body movements
  • a rub of the nose,
  • speak slowly but firmly
  • Best Time Of The Day To Give An Interview

At the start or the end of the day is often considered as the best time of the day to have an interview. The person taking interview usually remembers the first and last people he/she had interviewed during the day. You may have to work a bit harder to make a good and long lasting impression on the interviewer, if your interview has been scheduled for lunchtime.

  • How Much Time We Have To Make A First Impression

Expert Psychologists say that we only have 5 minutes to make a good first impression. In most of the cases, you’ll be spending this time in greetings and introductions that clearly reflects how crucial it is to make a long lasting impression. Ensure you rehearse greetings and small talk, before any interviews or social settings. Portray a friendly body language, practice a firm handshake and don’t forget to smile.

  • What’s The Right Time To Ask For A Raise?

Morning time is often considered as the right time to ask your boss for pay hikes. Talk to your boss about salary increase after he/she has their coffee or any other morning routine work. Seek an undivided attention of your boss and don’t ask them for salary hike when they’re either eating, leaving the office or about to attend a meeting.

HR software is an excellent way to reduce the pressure of HR management and it makes the workflow easy and hassle free. HR software can work wonders for the growth of your company.

5 Fun Facts About Human Resources Office Culture