Top 5 Tips On How To Talk About Your Weakness In A Job Interview

Are you looking to get successful in the field of human resources and considering your scope in various HR careers? You need to prepare appropriately to get a job in the highly competitive HR industry. If you don’t have much experience in giving interviews then prepare yourself with mock interviews so that you get an idea about your capabilities in facing an interview.

One of the biggest questions that troubles people a lot in any interview, especially for human resources job is “What’s your biggest weakness?” Here are top 5 tips that will help you to prepare an answer for this question, if asked in the interview. Have a look.

  • Tip Number #1 – Know More About Your Weaknesses

In order to get a better idea about your weaknesses, you can choose a personality type quiz that will help you to understand everything better. Everyone has specific weaknesses and has particular strengths. There’s a high chance that if you aren’t aware with your weaknesses then you might have little idea about your strength also. This might raise a doubt on your value at the office.

  • Tip Number #2 – Be Honest And Avoid Mentioning Important Skills

The trick here is to give an answer that doesn’t underscore your value. While defining your weakness or weaknesses, you can mention things which aren’t that important for the company and doesn’t reflect the main task for which you’re being hired. For example, while giving an interview for an HR job, if you’re asked what’s your biggest weakness then you can reply ‘finances’. It’s quite obvious that finances don’t have much to do with HR field and you getaway through a safe reply.

  • Tip Number #3 – Tell Them How You Defeated Your Weaknesses

Prepare in advance for this and explain the interviewers on how you overcame your previous failures or weaknesses. Don’t elaborate much and never tell them that you’re still working on those areas of concern. Make a good impression on the interviewing panel and make them believe that you strive to improve your weak areas.

  • Tip Number #4 – Avoid Preparing A Similar Explanation

It’s quite obvious that you’re willing to be fully prepared for every common & expected question in the interview, especially the one which is about your weaknesses. Contemplate on your weaknesses before the interview, but try not to rehearse a reply. This should be done to make it look like that you gave an answer instantly and aren’t speaking anything rehearsed before. Go with the flow!

  • Tip Number #5 – Talk About Work-Related Weaknesses Only

Ensure that all your answers are related to the job you’re interviewing for, especially answer related to your weakness. For example, you’re giving interview for a human resources job and the interviewer asks about your weakness. It will be extremely inappropriate that instead of giving an answer related to human resources, you reply sports (or anything else) as your weakness. Try to stay focused and ensure that your replies are related to the job for which you’re giving the interview.

Top 5 Tips On How To Talk About Your Weakness In A Job Interview

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