Top 5 Surprising Secrets About Human Resources

How well you are aware with the secrets of the Human Resources department. No matter what are the functions of a department, it surely has some hidden secrets – and human resources department is no different. Ever wondered that what goes on behind the closed doors of the human resources department?

Here are top 5 secrets of the human resources departments. Have a look.

  • Never Think That HR Will Act Like Your Advocate.

The human resources department’s main role is to fulfil the requirements of its company. Always keep in mind that the loyalty and responsibilities of the human resources department are to the company. Now, while analysing you’ll find that in some cases, the HR works as an advocate for the workers in front of bad managers. This is generally because it is far more profitable for the company to retain the hard working employees, find and sort out negative management and prevent legal issues before they become unmanageable.

However, in many scenarios it is quite apparent that what’s best for the company is not best for the workers, and almost every time the interests of the company will win out. Actually it’s not negativity, but that’s simply what HR’s job is all about.

  • Human Resources Isn’t Compelled To Keep Everything Confidential, Even If You Ask For Discretion.

Human resources employees aren’t saints and there’s no need to expect confidentiality while having a conversation with them. If HRs get hold of some confidential information and they think that it needs to be shared with the managers or CEOs of the company, then they will share the info because their job obligates them to do that. Moreover, if they fail to act properly in such scenarios then actually they’re are being professionally negligent or even breaking the company laws.

  • HR Representative Have Access To Info Which They Won’t Tell You

The human resources department in the course of work come across loads of information that they won’t be sharing with other employees of the company. The information could be related to benefits, profits, losses, mergers and complete overhaul within the company.

  • HR Representatives Real Job Is To Help Managers And Not To Dictate Them.

Many companies bestow numerous powers in their human resources department and sometimes give them more than they should get. Even then it’s not expected from HR representatives to dictate orders to the company managers. Human resources department is no doubt an essential thing that ensures the overall growth of the company, but HR representatives should not cross their limits by dictating terms and orders to the managers of the organisation.

  • The HR Department Might Perform Good Or Awfully

Some HR departments are quite focused to achieve their goals, follow the company’s culture and strive to deliver high quality work. On the other hand, a bad HR department will get in the way of your company’s success. So, you need to ensure that you hold a tight grip on your company’s human resources department.

Top 5 Surprising Secrets About Human Resources

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