Understanding The Role Of HR Advisor

The main job of HR Advisor is to conduct interviews and help regulate workers, ensuring that the staff members have all of the skills and techniques which are required for the job. They also provide assistance by keeping them motivated and ensuring they stay productive in their roles.

Apart from overseeing different types of circumstances within the organisation, HR Advisor also has to his/her own everyday tasks in the Human Resources department, which are required to make sure the overall success of the company.

Many people consider Human Resources as a monotonous and dry field to work, but this is a completely wrong assumption. While working as an HR advisor in the Human Resources department, find out that no two days work are exactly the same, especially while you’re working for larger firms.

Everyday responsibilities which HR advisor may have to perform in their own team involve:

  • They have to write and examine firm policies and procedures, getting them all set for approval by administration.
  • They need to make sure that every employee records are updated regularly and cover the firm legally.
  • Keeping notes and working as a witness at disciplinary and investigatory meetings.
  • Planning, organising, overseeing and undertaking training courses run by the company.

The above mentioned tasks are only a few responsibilities which an HR advisor is expected to perform on any working day. These tasks will only give an idea about the role played by HR advisor. An HR advisor is supposed to conduct many other tasks within the Human Resources department.

  • To Whom An HR Advisor Reports?

Relying on the size and composition of the firm, an HR advisor generally has to report directly to the HR Manager, despite the fact that occasionally they have to report to a Senior HR Advisor, HR Director, or to the General Manager in small businesses.

Having said that, HR advisors are generally provided a particular level of freedom through which they perform their tasks. Sometimes, the reporting needed will probably just be a usual daily meeting, or an everyday Email related to the events of that particular day.

In case there is a threat of litigation, or financial standing or company’s reputation is threatened, only in such exceptional scenarios an HR advisor can assume to be micro-managed in a project.

  • Who Reports Directly To An HR Advisor?

This depends largely on the size of the organisation. In some companies an HR generalist directly reports to the HR advisor. The job of an HR generalist is just like that of an advisor, but they’re usually assigned projects which are low in priority.

However, in majority of small corporations, the HR advisor may not have anyone reporting directly to them. In fact they have to take responsibility for all the staff undertakings in the organisation.

Understanding The Role Of HR Advisor

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