6 Easy Steps For Using ADP Payroll

You can find a lot of companies that provide services of payroll processing. However, no company can match the level of high quality services offered by ADP Payroll in processing payroll services for your company. As changes are faced by companies, ADP Payroll can help professionals to grow parallel with those changes. ADP assists payroll professionals to develop a positive image in the company so that they can win trust of managers, workers and department heads.

Here are six steps which will help you to understand how to use ADP payroll in the best way possible.

  • Step #1

First you need to ensure that your business has a proper tie-up with ADP. After a tie-up has been made, ADP will assign you with a company code, which will become your unique ID for ADP payroll processing. For running reports, verification of critical data and finalising and transmitting payroll, you’ll be either provided access to an encrypted site for uploading/entering payroll info or software will be installed on your organisation’s main computers. Also, you must ensure that your company’s human resources department has access to ADP for different type of tasks. Or ensure that interfaces with ADP payroll are being used by your HR management system.

  • Step #2

After uploading all the crucial HR info into ADP Payroll, start uploading for each pay date the pay data for regular, shift and overtime pay, also bonus or commission pay. You have two options, one is to create upload files for every payroll or manually enter all the info/date.

  • Step #3

After uploading the information related to pay on ADP payroll, check main reports and preview report that demonstrate how the ultimate payroll register will appear. To ensure the accuracy of employee paychecks, you may utilise these reviews to match in your pay data.

  • Step #4

When you are finally pleased and confident that all data is accurate then you can transfer your payroll within the given time limit.

  • Step #5

After you complete the 4th step, a payroll package will be sent to you by ADP. Also, final reports and checks will be provided by ADP payroll services. If you allow your workforce to perform direct deposit, an online function is offered by ADP which enables workers to see receipts online. This will help in decreasing the expenditures of your company because you won’t have to pay to ADP for printing and mailing those receipts.

  • Step #6

When you finally review the last reports and give paychecks, you may set the payroll for that particular date and reset the pattern for next pay date. Chances are that you’ll then start uploading new HR information and entering the information for the next pay date.

6 Easy Steps For Using ADP Payroll

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